Friday, 26 February 2016


“Mobile is the future of Software Development”. Usage of mobile phones has increased in the past year. India stands second in the world, in the number of active mobile phones. Today, out of the 6 billion mobile phones in the world, close to 1 billion is being used in India. This comes to about 70% of our current population. Every month sees an increase of around 6 million subscribers. That, in fact, is a lot of numbers.
In the last one or two year the users of mobile phones has rapidly increased and counting is still on. India stands second in the number of active mobile phones in the world. Out of the six billion mobile phones in the world, around one billion is being used in India (70% of our current population of India). Around 6 million subscribers every month join.
People using smart-phones demands for better applications and update for existing one, which in turn huge scope of Mobile Application Development in Jaipur, India.
Challenges- It is also challenging. Globally, there are still many unexplored domains in the enterprise segment, whereas in the consumers’ segment the scope is more competitive than the former. For instance, we have got very less android apps that connect truck drivers. The scope is huge and massive. We still need some more apps that connects technicians, like mechanic, electricians, plumbers  etc.
Apps development give emerging eCommerce market in India and lots apps Development Company depends eCommerce but many business fields not yet bothered about smartphone ecosystem in India. So your responsibility very high as canvasing clients.
Mobile companies like Samsung and HTC phones use Android OS in their product which has taken over the mobile phone reign in India. Also the cell phone models they introduce have variations in their Android OS.  This has created a competition of developing best Apps, which ultimately benefits smart-phone users. Due to huge market of smart-phone users,  not only Samsung and HTC, many other mobile manufacture companies have  came into market of making smart-phone.
Here are some Facts:
–         Android is an open platform
–         Offers plethora of opportunities like customize and personalize apps
–         Apps according to business needs
–          Upgrades are easy
–         Easy to have interaction
–         Brand building capabilities
Today, Appiqo Technologies is a Topmost Apps Development and Mobile Application Development Company in Jaipur, India. We are working in Development, Designing, Testing as well as most important promotion of the Apps.

Thursday, 25 February 2016


This is probably an understatement, but entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people around. A day in the life of an entrepreneur is chock-full of business decisions, research and networking. Because there’s so much to do and so little time to do so.
As our AppiqoTechnologies  Entrepreneur spent their life full of enjoyment and follow daily tasks, here we are discuss below-
1-    Establish a routine. If an entrepreneur doesn’t set and stick to a daily schedule, how can he or she accomplish anything? It’s a challenge for the average person to juggle his or her personal and professional lives. Without a routine, an entrepreneur won’t complete any work.
"Monday: Managing and running the company
Tuesday: Product
Wednesday: Marketing and communications, growth
Thursday: Developers and partnerships
Friday: Company culture and recruiting"
2. Check your progress. As an Entrepreneur, you’re extremely busy. In fact, you may be so focused on the task at hand that you may have neglected a couple of really important things. That's why at some point during the day you should check in on a range of tasks.
For a couple of minutes check how far you’ve been progressing toward the goals that you’ve established for yourself and the company. When you do so, you’re breaking down these goals into attainable tasks that can be accomplished daily. Taking the time to evaluate your progress will help you decide how to further prioritize your time.
3. Spend quality time with family and Friends- That’s still not a reason to miss out on living your life. All people need some time to recharge their batteries. That means enjoying whatever it is that you enjoy doing. Whether you enjoy going to the movies alone, having drinks with friends or going for a bike ride, take time to smell the roses. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired along the way.
4. Plan tomorrow in the night. Did you grow up with a parent who made sure you were ready for school the night before? Whether that involved getting your clothes out or preparing your lunch, these rituals shaped you. So prepare for the next day before hitting the hay.
A company that I consult for that helps companies use data to figure out what's working online. The night before a big meeting, he sends out an email telling everyone what's needed.  You should plan every night what your daily tasks will be there, you write down in your dairy, that is the easy way.


Here are a few conditions in which you must go for iOS mobile app development in the first place.
• If you want to launch the application in the US marketplace or you want to target your customers based in USA. This is so because it is extremely popular in USA. In cities like Los Angeles and New York City, it is one of the most widely used phones.
•    If the pp depends on in-app purchase for market success. We all know that an iphone app generates four times more revenue than an android app.
•    If you are looking for a more stable platform then again iOS is the right choice to make. All these factors bring more clarity that which platform must be explored first. It is quite a subjective decision and after taking all the above mentioned points in consideration, you must go with what suits your requirements the best.


Over one Million Smartphones and billions of mobile application downloaded peer year. Mobile development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing sectors.
Companies understood the importance and significance it could hold in the near future. Companies understood that apps were the next big thing to keep them associated with their customers for long. iPhone Development means that you have complete control over the Development and specifications of the application.
Appiqo Technologies  is here for all Application Development in all areas. Few years back web development was in its peak but after the evolution of the smartphone trend is moving towards the Mobile App Development. As more as more people as well as enterprises are adopting the mobile technology in their work, huge possibilities are being created in Mobile Development. We are working on Android, iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry are some of them and also key players in World Smartphone Market.
When we talk about Application Development Companies in Jaipur, then Appiqo Technologies is leading IT Company in Jaipur. As some of the latest Mobile App development trends are as follows-
  • Responsive design- As a huge number of people and business are focusing on mobile app, a big number of multimedia content, Ecommerce website, Games, Internet Banking with the mobile devices. So we focus on Design as this is very basic need for Applications.
  • We grow our platform dramatically– The ipad Pro will change iOS development dramatically. It is very obvious that how powerful App Development Companies in India are growing so rapidly.
  • Beacon Technology– Latest buzz in the market. Apple has introduced iBeacon technology in iPhones to empower it with the latest technology trend.
As we all know Apple watch will growing their market in present times. Appiqo Technologies develop their Apps for iphone as well as Apple watch to help users in their life. We are Designing, Developing, Testing as well as Promoting an App before it will be in market. Even our entire campaign can be handled by a company if you pick a reputed mobile app development company and work together to make a successful iPhone application for your brand. We have talented mobile app developers who can develop great apps for iPhone app users. We deliver our apps to client on time and we work all together to make a Successful iphone application for your brand.
There is no doubt that the future of mobile app development is very bright. We Develop, Designs, Testing as well as Promoting apps in a good manner. Our App make our lives easier.


Everyone built with an innovative Idea, hired top most Mobile App Developers and Designers, and Developed your Mobile app. Smartphones and their apps have today taken a high priority in everyone’s life. Today Apps are varying from person mind depending on their interest, age, surroundings and Requirements. If you have a great idea for the app and you’re confident it could be popular. Every Mobile App Developer dreams of experiencing the same kind of Success as apps like Instagram, Snapchat etc. Development and execution are only half the battle; marketing is only the key to make your app Success.
Follow some steps to make your app Popular.
  1. A Beautiful Design can sometimes be Complex– Everyone wants to create a great UI and in order to achieve that the design becomes very complex. In this case, if the implementation of the design goes difficult that not a very big issue but the same becomes difficult for user to understand, than it is really a major issue. So make your Design easy useable for users.
  2. App icons and colors– The small image that represents your app in the store is the first big chance for you to grab user’s eyeball. This is because human beings get easily and fast visual attraction. To know what users like a most, you should take a view at some of the most selling applications in an app store or Google play Search.
  3. Your App Title– After your icon, another important thing your customers will see is the title of your app. Always chooses those names which are easy to spell and pronounce. The name of the app can be a maximum of 255 characters and the name will be appear under your app icon on the phone can be a maximum of around 12 characters. So most descriptive words must make the start of an app name.
  4. App store optimization– ASO is simple doing of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store search results. According to Forrester, 63% of apps are disclosed through app store searches. It will play a major role for your app to rank higher.
  5. Positive Ratings and Reviews– Many surveys suggest that over 90% of users read reviews before buying an app. Self-select a group which is used the app regularly. It’s a better chance of positive ratings; people love free stuff and it’s better to use your app in starting make some reward for users. Try to engage social media users and their friends.
  6. Make some improvements and Test your App– Make some time to spend on testing and see how your customer is satisfied or not. Get everyone to join to test your app, from your 12 year old nephew to your 70 year grandfather. Test each feature every time especially at the final time. Adhoc version need to be installed before you can test it.
Searching a Mobile App Development Company– Building an app can be tough for start-ups. We know Mobile development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing sectors. Appiqo Technologies is a Topmost Mobile Application Development Company in Jaipur, India and it is a market leader. We are working in a mobile development for android, windows. Appiqo Technologies. has created a name for itself in a very short span of time. We deliver excellent services in less time to its clients. We have good ranking and this is what sets it’s apart from its competitors.


Web applications- What you need to know Web applications are specifically built for one environment – the web. Therefore, if your phone has a pre-installed web browser (which all smartphones do), the application will be compatible automatically and doesn’t need installation. Also, web apps are platform agnostic. Where they score Consistent user experience is possible with web applications. They need to be built only once and function across platforms and devices.
Responsive web applications– What you need to know A responsive web app is really a web app made with mobile usage in mind. Responsive appsare ideally suited for very large content-driven websites. They’re also used for transactional applications. Where they score Responsive web apps have similar advantages as regular web apps. They work well across platforms and devices. Only one application needs to be built and maintained for all environments. The cost of developing the same is also relatively low and it’s easy for non-mobile developers to pick this up fast, as they don’t need to learn mobile specific programming stacks.
The landscape of mobile apps is always changing. Whatever you learn today might be outdated, or even obsolete, within a few months or years. The mobile space is so new that trends are constantly shifting and new insights are made every day. If you plan to develop mobile apps, how can you keep up without going mad? To win the challenge, you’ll need to build a great app (either Android or iOS) and create a sound business plan that shows how you managed the project, gained users, and leveraged AdMob to make money
Arriving from a web development background, building native apps for iOS and Android feels like traveling back in time.
Near-instant browser refreshes are replaced by slow compilation times, your trusty text editor has been switched with a powerful but bloated IDE, and deploying new features is suddenly a week-long process (for iOS, at least).
The mobile web has not lived up to its promise. For non-trivial apps it remains incredibly difficult to emulate a native look-and-feel in mobile browsers. We won’t rehash the arguments here, but despite years of effort the mobile web remains fundamentally limited by what you can do.
Appiqo is a Topmost App Development Company in Jaipur. We are continously working to be Top in the Apps Development Market. So here we Welcome to fresher whenever the vacancy is open. So a big huge scope for beginners in Appiqo Technologies in Jaipur.