Friday, 26 February 2016


“Mobile is the future of Software Development”. Usage of mobile phones has increased in the past year. India stands second in the world, in the number of active mobile phones. Today, out of the 6 billion mobile phones in the world, close to 1 billion is being used in India. This comes to about 70% of our current population. Every month sees an increase of around 6 million subscribers. That, in fact, is a lot of numbers.
In the last one or two year the users of mobile phones has rapidly increased and counting is still on. India stands second in the number of active mobile phones in the world. Out of the six billion mobile phones in the world, around one billion is being used in India (70% of our current population of India). Around 6 million subscribers every month join.
People using smart-phones demands for better applications and update for existing one, which in turn huge scope of Mobile Application Development in Jaipur, India.
Challenges- It is also challenging. Globally, there are still many unexplored domains in the enterprise segment, whereas in the consumers’ segment the scope is more competitive than the former. For instance, we have got very less android apps that connect truck drivers. The scope is huge and massive. We still need some more apps that connects technicians, like mechanic, electricians, plumbers  etc.
Apps development give emerging eCommerce market in India and lots apps Development Company depends eCommerce but many business fields not yet bothered about smartphone ecosystem in India. So your responsibility very high as canvasing clients.
Mobile companies like Samsung and HTC phones use Android OS in their product which has taken over the mobile phone reign in India. Also the cell phone models they introduce have variations in their Android OS.  This has created a competition of developing best Apps, which ultimately benefits smart-phone users. Due to huge market of smart-phone users,  not only Samsung and HTC, many other mobile manufacture companies have  came into market of making smart-phone.
Here are some Facts:
–         Android is an open platform
–         Offers plethora of opportunities like customize and personalize apps
–         Apps according to business needs
–          Upgrades are easy
–         Easy to have interaction
–         Brand building capabilities
Today, Appiqo Technologies is a Topmost Apps Development and Mobile Application Development Company in Jaipur, India. We are working in Development, Designing, Testing as well as most important promotion of the Apps.

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