Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why is Digital Marketing best to promote your product?

Older generations will no doubt lament the demise of paper-based newspapers, books, communication methods and traditional TV and radio broadcasts, those who have grown up with the internet and mobile phones are already embracing the world of digital communication.

The method of digital communication and marketing is faster and practical. Digital marketing is the best and newest way to reach the customers and draw them towards your business.  

Digital marketing is all about making your business easier to find out for your customers. 
Let’s first have a look at key forms of digital marketing:
-    Optimizing website
-    Website and SEO content
-    Blog
-    Utilizing effective paid advertising
-    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
-    Email marketing
-    Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
-    Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.)

Digital marketing helps to get ahead of your competitors by focusing on SEO, Google AdWords, and social media marketing. Digital marketing doesn’t only apply to the website but also for Mobile App. Mobile app development needs eminently qualified to promote it across target media outlets, influencers, blogs, and social media platforms etc. 

Digital marketing is power full and cost effective to reach out your target audience. It is most affordable way than TV/radio advertising, printing advertising to transmit a message to consumers. 

Another advantage of using digital marketing is that it can be easily tracked and monitored rather than conducting expensive research. 

You can view customer response, and measure the success of your marketing campaign.  

Digital marketing needs experts to come up with winning strategy. The right time to take a good look at your marketing strategy is right now. 

Appiqo technologies have a team of experienced SEO executives and digital marketing executives who will help you get right digital marketing strategy for your business and make your business easier to reach targeted audience.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Why is Testing important before launching any Mobile Application?

Mobile devices and smart technologies are the trends nowadays, and soon will become more popular. There is much business which is emerged based on a mobile application.  We can have the example of Flipkart, Amazon, WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Uber etc. 

What if Application is not working smoothly? What if any of one functionality is not working fine? Will user still use that application? The user will only uninstall the application or switch to another one as there are many options available. 

Before running a business everyone’s goal is to provide the best service to their customers and if your business is based on the mobile application then must be most of the customer’s coming from there only.  And in this case, Needless to say, making sure your app is working correctly is essential. 
Around most of the poor reviews on play store or App store is about App crash, poor performance etc.  So application should be user-friendly and how to find out that your mobile application is user-friendly? 
Testing is the answer to this question. Mobile application testing ensures that Application is working smoothly, does not have any error, and meeting user’s requirements. 

One of the best mobile app testing approach is to involve people who can give your app revolutionary opinions for achieving a better performance. 

Best Mobile App development companies build some strategic planning of developing the mobile application testing before the launch of their application. 
To stay competitive you need to test mobile application and make sure that the functionalities are working smoothly. There are various areas that should be tested, and different features under every category as well like, application installation, start and stop, user interface, notification, all functionalities, performance, update etc. 

Mobile app development companies dedicate a concerned person for testing purpose only who test the application technically and from user end also. 

Appiqo technologies strive to create mobile applications which are written once and runs on all platforms. Appiqo delivers 100% tested and smoothly working application to their clients. Appiqo Technologies enabling business to get competitive edge in the market by building scalable and extensive web and mobile applications

Friday, 14 July 2017

Why Chat App Should Be Secure?

Chatting is the way used by the majority of individuals of the present time for communication whether it is personal or formal communication. 
But are you sure the platform you are using for chatting is secure? 
If you are chatting with a person you would want to share things with that person only but what if the person is sharing your messages with other by copying messages, taking the screenshot and so forth.
Let me introduce you to a secure application ‘My Secrets’ that can be used for a secret and secure communication. 
But Why Chat App Should be Secure? Let’s talk about it.
If we go and analyze we will found out that there millions of text messages being conveyed every day and realized that our privacy was indeed being invaded. And in today’s world companies and people are ready to do almost everything to get personal information. Thankfully there are secure chat applications focusing on privacy through end – to end encryption and another secure way. 
Along with today’s era’s personal communication, there are some industry and sectors that need secure communication. None of the company or nobody wants their personal or their client’s sensitive information to leak out. Finance, banking this kind of industry share confidential information that must need to be secure and encrypted. Health care is another industry which cannot take risk of sharing their patient’s personal and medical information with anyone. 
These are the good enough reason to suggest secure chatting application and ‘My Secrets’ is most secure chat application available on play store where 
-User cannot copy messages
-User cannot take a screenshot of the chat screen
-It does not maintain any chat history on phone or server. 
Along with secret messaging, My Secrets application allows sharing photos, audio, location, contact, documents, emoji’s, stickers, and camera for instant capture.   

So go to the google play store, Download My Secrets ( )  and start secret and secure messaging.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Demands of mobile applications for startups

In the era of technology, multiple organizations are trying their hand into various technologies and out of which mobile app technologies are at boom due to vast number of audiences. At Appiqo Technologies, we are providing solution for mobile app development on various technologies such as android, IOS, hybrid mobile apps etc. The company’s primary goal is to develop user friendly, reliable and entertaining applications. There is a huge demand of mobile app development by the startups, as these are expensive and almost used by all the type of users. By far at appiqo technologies, we have developed 24 best mobile apps and those applications are categorized as:-
  1. Utility applications 
  2. Entertainment 
  3. Gaming 
  4. News 
  5. Productivity 
  6. Lifestyle 
  7. Social networking 
Further bifurcations of mobile applications are as follows:-
  1. Utility apps- In simple words, these applications provide real time utilities to the users. The goal is to develop type of application which will allow its users to connect with the mobile interface and solve their real time problems. Below mentioned are some of the examples of the best utility apps developed by the organization are as follows:-
  1. Classified applications 
  2. Climate applications 
  3. Travel application 
  4. Live streaming application etc. 

  1. Entertainment application- At appiqo technologies, we are endeavor of developing various entertainment applications, the goal of the organization here Is to develop such applications which will entertain the users along with educating them. Some examples of entertainment application are as follows:-
    1. Face juggler
    2. Ice effex
    3. Duolingo
    4. Dubsmash etc. 
Currently, we are expanding our market in UAE and we are adored and appreciated by the users. We appreciate their support as their support is our way to excellence 
  1. Games application- As clear from the name, such applications are designed to facilitate its users to enjoy the gaming activities, some of the best gaming application developed are as follows:-
    1. Cut the rope2
    2. Plants v/s zoombies 
    3. Defence zone2
    4. Angry birds2 etc. 
There are multiple other gaming applications which will be developed by us. Our way to excellence is in process
  1. News applications- As everybody knows, NEWS stands for north-east-west and south, at appiqo we are successful at developing application which will bring news from all the directions and this will surely allow users to interact with the system and fetch news update. some of the best examples of gaming application developed by us are as follows:-
  1. The NYT application 
  2. Buzzfeed
  3. Flipboard etc. 
The goal is to develop such application is to create awareness among the users and educate them via application.
  1. Productivity application- Such applications are developed to increase the productivity of the system. Some of the example of productivity application are as follows:-
  1. Finance apps 
  2. Calendars 
  3. Translators 
  4. Grocery list makers etc. 
Such apps are designed to increase the productivity and user experience !
  1. Lifestyle apps:- Such applications are designed to provide the lifestyle related solution to the users. Such applications will enhance the user lifestyle and make their life easier by establishing interaction with the system. Some of the examples of innovative lifestyle application are as follows:-
  1. Fitness apps 
  2. Travel apps 
  3. Food and drink apps 
  4. Dating apps 
  5. Music apps, for example spotify and apple store. 

  1. Social networking apps- As the name suggests, such applications establish a mode of communication between multiple users, i.e. via such application users will be able to share their thoughts, can interact via chat, post pictures, browse feeds/update of other users etc. In this era, social networking facilities are highly required by the users to interact with the world.  Such social networking applications could be anything, for example- FitBit is a fitness app with in app functionality of adding friends, engaging in competition with and against them etc., here we can call this app as an example of entertainment plus social networking app. Some examples of such apps are as follows:- 
  1. Facebook 
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter etc. 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Why do you need to invest into a mobile application

Nowadays people choose to carry their mobile phone everywhere. Nobody has time to browse things on laptop and desktop PC. If we have modern gadgets with us why not to make a use of it.
Investing money into the mobile application will take people closer to your business. People are growing with the smartphone by choosing an mobile application like Android apps , iPhones Apps  for their work like shopping, bill payment etc.
  As people are looking forward to enhance their business growth so they are in best search for new technologies in market and they must prefer to choose Best mobile application Development Company for their need fulfilment.

Keeping in mind the importance of mobile application’s in today’s era life I am listing some reasons why you should invest into a mobile application?
•    Nobody can deny that the world has gone mobile and there no getting back option. Even small business is comping up their mobile app. Thus having a website only is not enough anymore. 
•    The most important benefit of having mobile application is that your customer can access your mobile application anywhere anytime. Regular use of your application will reinforce your business. 
•     Having mobile application of your business will help you to get in touch with the new generation. Today’s generation like to depend on mobile even though they have access to the computer. 
•   An application provides an easy way to display your product. And the best thing about applications is that whenever you update something you can notify your customers. You can send offer details to the customer via notifications. 
•    Mobile apps allow you capture information about customer preferences and actions on your app in an easy way. 

•    The mobile application provides social interaction to users. Today’s era spent more energy in mobile social networking, especially Facebook, and Twitter. In this way, by having an application gives them whole features they get into online networking implies that they'll invest more time in your mobile application.
Appiqo Technologies is a global provider in the Mobile Application Development Industry. Our Main focus on cost effective and high value solutions to all of our clients.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Why Appiqo Technologies is Best Suitable Company for Start-ups Apps Development?

The market for mobile application advancement studios is gigantic and differs, going from corporate giants to littler boutique studios. The excellence of portable is that both of these can convey cutting edge applications, and given the huge measure of decision, it's just an instance of finding the best fit for you.

Appiqo Technologies have confidence in creating cutting edge applications and colossal measure of choice, in occurrence of finding the best fit for you.
Here are a few reasons why Appiqo Technologies is best for Starups App development:

Appropriate Documentation:
Appiqo Technologies gives suitable documentation like Software requirements specification, design document, API document and so forth that help client to comprehend the stream.

Resources provided as per clients need:
Appiqo technologies gives every one of the assets to best application development from root to top like documentation, designing, development and so forth. Client don't have to go anyplace else in the event that he has come here once.

On time delivery:
Appiqo has faith in completing work on time. Conveying a venture on time with fantastic work is the most ideal approach to make a customer perpetual.

Post support:
Appiqo gives present backings on their customer on the off chance if they have any issue and bug in their venture without charging them for it.

Continuously accessible for support:
Appiqo Technologies make themselves constantly accessible for their customers on preferable network. Whenever client has any issue throughout the project we contact with him through project and manager and business analyst person. We manage conversation through messenger, Skype and another preferable network.

Best reviews:
Reviews is the main thing that can help an organization to make best customers. Appiqo advancements has got best surveys on numerous entrances like GoodFirms , Clutch , CotractIQ , Extract , TopAppDevelopers , Appfutura,  etc. 

Appiqo Technologies is globally established leading company into Mobile Application development on hybrid and native platform, web development in PHP, WordPress, Magento, drupal, joomla, opencart, shopify and so on. Appiqo also provides eye catching graphic designing. We also have solution for digital marketing in terms of SEO, SMO and ASO.
Appiqo Technologies has group of devoted workers for managing projects, designing, developing, sale and marketing and other services. 

Monday, 10 April 2017

What should be the marketing strategies for promoting your brand?

With the goal for organizations to win piece of the overall industry and remain applicable they have to consider many sorts of promoting techniques. Each showcasing technique can impart to an objective market the advantages and components of an item.

There are various approaches to promote a brand or business. A few organizations utilize more than one strategy, while others may utilize distinctive strategies for various promoting purposes. Notwithstanding your organization's product or brand, a solid arrangement of limited time systems can help position your organization in a good light with current clients as well as new one.

 Appiqo Technologies utilized many marketing strategies to advance their business and provide best of showcasing procedures to their clients. Give me a chance to highlight some of those:

Search Engine Optimization:
This technique is basically used for websites. Search engine optimization is an incredible approach to expand the nature of their sites by making them easy to use, quicker and less demanding to explore.

Social Media marketing:
Social networking destinations like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn offer a novel open door for insightful organizations willing to put resources into client engagement.

Promotional Marketing:
This is one of the best showcasing procedure to re-enact a client to make a move towards buying decision. This procedure includes various incentives like: 
   Contest: Everybody enjoy winning something for free. Contest offer alluring promoting vehicle for independent company to obtain new customers and make mindfulness.
  Coupons: Coupons still work and give a moderate showcasing methodology to private venture. More than 76% of the populace utilize coupons, as per the Promotion Marketing Association (PMA) Coupon Council.

Publicizing takes up a critical segment of an organization's financial plan allotted toward showcasing and advancement. It incorporates the advancement and paid conveyance of brand or item messages through media.

Email marketing:
Any email correspondence for advertisement, asking for business, deals, socialization etc. considered as email marketing.

Appiqo technologies are working since many years to provide these marketing strategies to their clients. Our main goal is just not to create amazing apps for clients, we are into this domain from many past years satisfying client’s need and providing them free marketing promotions for some period of time. We are well known with the market value and need, for getting the apps popular in today’s world.

Hope we have explained you well with all marketing techniques, which can help a new start-ups to get their brand more popular and on top. I will be writing more with respect to this, and come up with new ideas.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Apple Launches Red iPhone 7

Let’s know about the new launched product by Apple: Red iPhone 7

Apple recently lunched iPhones 7 and iPhones 7 Plus which looks awesome, the apparels has totally changed this time, Apple comes up with the new branding color RED. With this launch Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said “Since we began working with (RED) 10 years ago, our customers have made a significant impact in fighting the spread of AIDS through the purchase of our products”. The Major aspect of the return from every gadget deal goes to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.
Apple has discharged (Product) RED adaptations of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to commend its proceeded with duty to the philanthropy. The new arrivals are available as 128GB or 256GB models, starting at £699 in the UK and $749 in the US. Although the rear is red, the front is Apple's standard white. This color combination is very much liked by people.
These new products went well in market and have captured million eyes to its dashing look. Apple knew the people mind set and curiosity for all latest launches.
All the components used internally on this beautiful edition (RED) iPhone 7 are exactly the same as on other colors introduced last year by Apple.
These two models are highly appreciated by people and are good for Apple family; this RED color with white combination is now available in stores and can order online.
Apple’s surprised us with this launch, people are thinking of iPhone 6S in rose gold color, but now all are celebrating RED iPhone launch.

Appiqo  is also celebrating this new dashing colored iPhone and look forward to see more advanced features in iPhone series. Appiqo's wishes the grand success of Red color iPhone 7, and would be amazed by Apple product launch in every year.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

How the Top App Developers have capture the market in UAE

We are well aware of the Apps in the market, every country is coming forward in taking one step ahead of others in the field of application marketing. Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait is the Middle East countries which are growing boundless for IT industry. Middle East countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait are really becoming the best spots for IT Industries. Basically, theses countries are well known for its IT skills and that’s the main reason, which encouraging them to rule in the IT market.

Top App Developers UAE

Across the globe, the UAE app developers are gaining attention and us at Appiqo Technologies are really working hard to match them, even we have established our sales office in UAE, the reason is very clear, we are now in the stage of exploring our business all-around the world. We are based in India but well popular with the tag name of top app developer UAE. Particularly If I talk about the sales team in UAE they are just doing best and providing us the profitable business in comparison to other countries.

People are crazy about WhatsApp, Uber, Instagram, etc. Do you have an idea why these apps are so much popular? It is quite necessary to think how a single app can capture billion of attention. I don’t think it’s really all because of the app developer; it’s something more than, let discover what exactly these apps got.

You have an idea and you are running a company to execute it right!? We would never think of options available for us, never make any strategies, neither think of resources nor the result at the end.

But it is what which is important to take care off. The first step is to choose the best company for you, not just by seeing popularity but its professionalism. Select that company which does not promise, which do. Your time is precious and also money.

Here I am pointing some points which generally people look:

1.    Reasonable Price
2.    Best quality work
3.    The job was done on time.
4.    Bug-free/error free
5.    Launched successfully in the market
6.    Support technically after delivering the work.
7.    Maximum viewers
8.    Popularity

These above points are something which will help clients to choose best for them, Appiqo assures to follow each point seriously and never let down their clients. Even now from 2016 on-wards the Appiqo has explored their team size and established their best App development team in UAE, which is doing wonders in the area of Application development. 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Different types of Apps that App developers need to know about

This has lead to the advancement of a wide range of sorts of applications. There are as of now 24 application classifications on the iOS App Store, and also subcategories with the presentation of iOS 8. Google Play has 20 application categories.This may sound somewhat overpowering; all things considered they all fit flawlessly into 7 unique sorts of applications. TopMost App Development companies UAE working on various types of apps. Appiqo Technologies is one of the Best Mobile App Development Company in UAE. Here some of them are as follows-

Those types of apps are:
1. Utilities
2. Entertainment
3. Games
4. News
5. Productivity
6. Lifestyle
7. Social Networking

Each of these application sorts are very distinctive and require an alternate style of programming from the other. As an application designer, you have to comprehend what the distinction is and what might be required of you. For instance, some applications use off-application stockpiling (web-administration/database) to store and draw information from. Others require a totally distinctive advancement programming to run. Moreover, different sorts of applications might require the application designer to utilize a 3D demonstrating programming to finish the application.

1- Utilities Apps- Utility applications are likely the sorts of applications that are taking up the most room on your screens at this moment! These are convenient devices that you convey with you that offer you some assistance with performing basic undertakings. 

Samples of utility applications are: 

Adding machines 
Scratch pads 
Correspondence applications 
Climate applications 

Utility applications are ordinarily utilized as often as possible (4-5 times each week) however have shorter session times. 
This is on account of the client wouldn't like to invest energy playing around in the application – they came to take care of an issue rapidly so they are in an out in a matter of seconds. In this way, the objective for most designers of utility applications is the manner by which to build recurrence of utilization.

2- Entertainment Apps- Examples of entertainment apps are:
Face Juggler
Ice effex

Entertainment apps are distinguished from games apps because they often have quite different goals, even though both of them seek to entertain the user. Entertainment apps are often educational, and seek to ‘gamify’ an already existing process or activity.

3- Games Apps- Best games are-
Cut the Rope 2.
Plants v/s Zoombies
Defence Zone2 
Amusements applications are still an enormously mainstream subset of application advancement today. In 2016, we're seeing innovation like virtual reality and brilliant television's begin to change what diversion applications resemble.

4- New Apps- Having a news application has turned into a need for media and distributed organizations to stay important in the 'advanced time of news-casting'. 
The most essential element of a news application are the sharing capacities. 
These applications spread virally through giving new, important substance to a mass group of onlookers. 

Cases of news applications are: 
The NYT application 

Basically, the objective of any distributed application is to empower more prominent substance utilization, so that the distributer can create more income from sponsors.

5- Productivity Apps- Productivity apps are developed to help us be more productive.

Examples of productivity apps are:
Finance apps
Grocery list makers

Any functionality that is clunky or confusing only adds to the user’s workload. Your aim is to make them MORE productive, not less!

6- Lifestyle Apps- Lifestyle apps are where we’ve seen the biggest uptick in development.
It comes as no surprise that we want to use apps to solve everyday problems we have in our lives.
We use these apps to enhance our lifestyles and to make everyday living ‘easier’.

Examples of lifestyle apps are:
Fitness apps
Travel Apps
Food & Drink apps
Dating apps
Music apps like Spotify and Apple Music

Lifestyle apps tend to complement other products and services very well. It’s for this reason that are incredibly successful in lifestyle apps.

For example, Runkeeper offers its exercise fanatics exclusive deals on Nike products. They then take a cut of the sales attributed to this ad.

7 - Social Networking Apps- Nearly all of us use social networking apps.
Social media is so pervasive in our society that we are now seeing apps that wouldn’t traditionally be considered a social network add social as a core part of their product.

For example, FitBit is a fitness app with the added in-app functionality of following your friends and engaging in competitions with and against them.

Examples of social networking apps are:

Whatever the type of app is, as a Top App Developers UAE, you need to understand that the purpose of an app is to make people’s lives easier.

If you’re not sure if your app does this, to give you some clarity.

The more people you can affect, and the more you can lives you can improve, the richer you will get. Simple as that!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Its 8 March- A Special day to celebrate for women

March 8 is a global day to celebrate the achievements of women in every field. International Women’s day is the annual theme that supports a particular cause or agenda declared by the collaboration of many organizations.

It is a call for gender parity and a day for celebration to all women in the world. International women’s day is all about equality, parity, action and unity- that think of local people. This day has been celebrating over a century, and continues to explore more and more in accordance to strength and power.
International Women’s day

Since many years we are celebrating women’s day in every developed or developing country with the same faith. Women are started gaining the priority and preferences in all aspects after this movement. The main purpose of starting this movement is to make women politically, economically, physically and mentally strong and powerful, mainly focus on generating respect and appreciation among people.

Appiqo Technologies completely support women for their courage and hard work they dedicate for their family and work place. “We salutes all women” IWD’s original Aim is to diminish the gap persist across the world between men and women. If we look now also we will find still the women’s education, health and violence is worse in many countries. International Women’s day comes in existence to limelight the issues faced by women. It is a step to force everybody to recognize inequalities- and appreciate the achievements.

How can everyone get involved?

There are various ways to take part in International Women’s day.

1. Take a pledge for root out the Inequality.

This you all can do by reaching the IWD website and help women and girls in achieving their goals; call for equality leadership and create flexible cultures.

2. Participating in many events happening around the world.

The IWD website placed all the happenings of recent events in countries and towns.

3. You have an option for organizing your own event

It’s still not too late. You can come forward and come together with more people and support women. 

In spite of all negativity, International Women's Day is a unique day committed just to ladies and their part in our lives. Culture and ethnicity has given another measurement right up 'til the present time where the custom of gifting presents to ladies is famous in a few nations. Customized blessings and welcome cards committed to Women's Day have turned out to be especially well known today. Many individuals think it is the perfect approach to express their affection and appreciation for ladies in life. However, the genuine quintessence of the day lies in distinguishing the rights and force of ladies and giving them a stature that they merit.

Friday, 3 March 2017

How to make a brand popular through Mobile Apps

Engaging more customers is not that easy task to do. Once you create any app belong to any domain, it’s necessary to promote that app. Branding the app is one important reason of making app successful in market. The survey said that more people feel risk of downloading the app which has limited followers, install and reviews.

App success is simultaneously graphed with the success of Company which launched that App. It is well understood by all Best Mobile App Development Company UAE that they must have a marketing team which is capable of selling their App product to maximum customers.

The Top App Developers UAE must know that making the app wonderful, with amazing functionality and which works on multiple platforms is not considered as the best solution for any mobile app company, market-wise.

Mobile App branding is categorized basically into three main types:

Give better browsing experience to users with mobile web app. An example of such similar app brand is Google Map.
Make App which is different and new in market, so user will attract more towards that.
After launching any app, keep updating new things in that and better watch out good performance.

Every App need to focus on customer expectations and capture their eye and attention. Lot of mobile apps is available in the market, what makes you different? It’s your App developer and designer who will make App beautiful and user friendly. So I must suggest everybody to choose Top most app development companies UAE.

Achieving success with your developed App is all depend on the marketing:

1. Study what customer is looking for.
2. Your Main Aim should be in your focused mind.
3. Make your marketing strategy best.
4. Choosing correct mobile technology

Marketing is equally important with making the App. It is of no use, if your app is known only among few people, your ultimate goal is to get your product popular and support you financially. Spend some time before starting working on any app idea and give some time after launching the app for marketing. Appiqo Technologies that are why provide you free 1 month support for marketing client’s App to all social media platforms.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Google Cardboard – Amazing trips with virtual reality

Nowadays thousands of new technologies emerge in per day, which is connecting people with each other at home, office and on the way.

Technologies are providing us new things to learn and used in daily life.

In today’s general life most of the buzzword technology is virtual reality. Virtual reality you experienced on a roller coaster. 

Best App Development UAE

Google is inaugurate its own new technology i.e. Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is virtual reality platforms.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created by software and interacted with a person that belief it’s as a real environment.

Virtual reality is long promised science fiction is finally become a reality with Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard is headset provide us faraway place seems like we are physically here. It’s providing 360’ photos environment which is feel like world is surrounded by us.

Google Cardboard is supporting most of the mobile phones (android, iOS etc.). Google is used first time virtual reality techniques with HTC Vive mobile phones. Virtual reality techniques support android 7.0 and its new versions. It’s work only on highly sensor devices. 

Why Google Cardboard is best?

Google Cardboard is simple and low cost component allowing us virtual reality in a fun and affordable way.

Few days ago Facebook launched its own virtual reality headset oculus rift that is immerging you inside the virtual worlds. Oculus is high cost hardware and it’s all features are not yet ready at the time.

How to create your own virtual card board?

When you make your own virtual reality Cardboard, you required some components that is used for making virtual reality card board. 

1. CARDBOARD: - Corrugated cardboard sheet, preferably E Flute, for best results, you should look for strong, thin cardboard (shoe box rather than moving box).

2. LENSES: - This is the trickiest component. Lenses that have a 45mm focal distance might work. Biconvex lenses work best because they prevent distortion around the edges.

3. MAGNETS: - One neodymium ring magnet and one ceramic disk magnet - like this or this.

4. VELCRO: - it’s used to binding of two points.

5. RUBBER BAND: - One rubber band, to prevent the phone from sliding out.

6. NFC TAG: - its Near Field communication like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, its wireless radio.

You'll also need a ruler, glue, and scissors, an X-act knife, or access to a laser cutter.

Everyone is willing to go out for tour and visit to popular and beautiful places, make fun, enjoy weather, Feel different and alive.

Virtual reality makes people believe that they are in real world, everything around them seems real, elegant, and like it exist physically.

Google Cardboard is a device that provides the virtual real environment to users. Here at Appiqo Technologies, which is the Best App Development Company UAE provides you all new branding things to your hand. One such new technological devices which this company is planning to deal with or introduce to every layman.