Monday, 20 November 2017

React Native Apps or Native Apps

Rapid digitalization and rising use of mobile devices are the root cause of new technologies are being invented and Topmost app development companies are coming up with new ideas to stand up into the competitive market by delivering according to customers need and expectations. 
React Native and Native are two such technologies that are suited for App development for Android and iOS. Native applications are specific for a particular platform and can be used for only that.  React native is an open source platform that uses the concept of web development in mobile development domain. 

 A native application is developed in Android Studio with Java and Kotlin as the languages. For iOS, the IDE is Xcode and the language can be both Objective-C and Swift.
API Access: Native platform gives support to all of the APIs and the functionality that the platform offers. All the APIs can be accessed easily. 
Third party libraries: In native app development there is a lot of third libraries to choose from. These available resources help to improve user experience and the app itself. 
Native= more responsive: Responsive is the most important thing most designers and developers crave for. Native application’s every screen is separately designed. 
Strict language: All the native languages for Android and iOS development are strict but easier to detect hidden errors. Sticking to native app development is the safest option for long-term aspect. 
The only con of using native development is that you need to write totally different code for all the platforms, no code can be shared between them. And that makes it expensive and time taking than react native. 

React Native Development: 
One code base: There is no need to write two different code for Android and iOS development in react native, the same code can be used for both platform since there is also no need to learning two different languages and platforms. 
Time: From start to having the application in the market takes less time than developing natively and the reason of this that you only need to develop one application than two. 
Open source: React native is open source that is helpful to increase the understanding of the framework. 

Cons of react native development: 
Does not support all APIs: React native doesn’t support all the APIs, and when there is need to access any API, that can be done by using native modules. 
Interaction with other native apps: Accessing other native apps such as the camera is a difficult task for react native, that can be done using a native module or with the help of any third party library.

 When you have tight budget and timeline, react native has its own advantage. If your developers have experience in web development react native is a good choice. When you are planning a new innovation and see long-term aspects, you can’t take any kind of cons to come in between, you need to build it from scratch so you need it to be native development. 

According to your requirements, you can choose whether to choose to react native or native and hire the Best App development company - Appiqo Technologies that provide best quality work, according to user experience and customer need. You can visit our website and drop your requirements.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

How to Choose the Best Front-end Framework

These days there is a downpour of CSS front-end frameworks. Yet, the quantity of better than average ones can be limited to only a couple. Front-end framework ecosystem has been developed a lot over the last seven years. 
All the while, we saw a great deal of buildup and clashing opinions that made it hard to pick a framework.
One of the biggest recent advancements in web technology has been the proliferation of front-end JavaScript frameworks. A front-end framework simply loads the new data requested by a new user by keeping the common parts of page implicit (like navigation).

If you are building an mobile application without using any frontend framework, you should examine the benefits of integrating one. 
By being the list of best app development companies, expertise at Appiqo Technologies went through the process the selecting best front-end framework. There are a lot of great choices and there is not a single winner. After examining, here what we analyzed is how to choose the best front-end framework.
Performance is the very important factor; that influence your decision. Most of the updated versions have good performance. But this can’t be the only factor. There are several other factors like productivity, who was backing the framework, the community behind it, and what our own team had expertise in. 
By keeping in mind all the fields you can choose the best framework.
For a small project you may not need to choose framework but it is helpful to choosing carefully for big one. You have o follow the framework’s convention; it doesn't leave a lot of decisions up to you as the developer. 
When it comes to the frontend, it is important to understand the desire and capabilities of your team. Some engineer of your team believes in strongly in one framework or another, you need to pay attention to it. 
The plenitude of wealth in the front-end framework landscape implies it's difficult to turn out badly at this moment. Simply recollect that it's not just about execution. Appiqo’s team is always excited to learn new technologies. We’re a fast-growing company that encourages our people to be creative, innovative and always focused on providing the best products and service possible to our customers. 

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Time Management Secrets of an Efficient Engineer

There are 24 hours in a day, and you can’t change that you just oversee yourself as per time. As long as you focus on time management for making lists, searching things and tools you are ignoring the real issue: how to manage yourself according to time.  
Adopt time management practices that minimize the amount of time you spend on non-engineering tasks, and ensure the time you do have available is productive.
In order to realize time value, you need to track, analyze and record task lists on daily basis according to time zone. 
Whatever time management system you use, whatever techniques you are using, following are the main characteristics that influence the quality of time management and production rate. 
Trust the system:   You must be sure about your system that you will be notified of time about the upcoming task at the right time. On the off chance that you can start your undertakings there are more opportunities to complete them on time.  
The system should be simple to use: The simpler your system would be to use there would be more productivity and less time requirement. If you need to jump hoops just for small tasks you would be happy to choose another method or you would ignore to do that. 
Adding, editing and viewing task should be as simple as it could be. 
The system should be accessible: I bet nobody leaves home without their phone. You can’t carry day planner and notice board with you everywhere, they are not useful when you are out and need a reminder for some important task. 
Use the system which is accessible when needed for time management. 
There are few tricks you can use for time management:
Proper planning: Before leaving from office/going to bed plan your next day. Wrap up your daily work and make a task list for tomorrow so that you do not need to think about what you should before starting working. 
What if something urgent comes up in the middle? 
Set the priority list accordingly. You cannot have too many priorities. By definition, Priorities are those top few tasks that deserve attention next. Finish the urgent task first and put the task having less priory on last. 
Delegate the work you hate.
The purpose of time management is to enable you to structure the execution of different assignments, contingent upon their earnestness, significance, and unpredictability. Be that as it may, I see another vital part of time management. 

App development companies like Appiqo follow the above time management characteristics to manage to complete their tasks on time. Appiqo Technologies always provide dynamic and effective working environment to their time to work and manage their tasks, and that helps them to deliver tasks on time, this is why Appiqo is count in the list of best app development companies

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Common Mistakes in Client Communication: How to Not Frustrate Your Client

When a client starts a project with you, we need to understand that this project is important to the client and they deeply care about it. Communication is the key that can help you build long-term and smooth relation with client. I believe there are few things that must be avoided maintaining a healthy and productive relationship with clients. 

Slow Communication:
There are no rules across business relationship regarding response time to an email, phone call etc. but not responding to the client in a timely manner may create the confusion, frustration, and annoyance. Some clients need a response at the end of every business day and some need within 2-3 days. Not responding client on time may irritate them and make them ask you a question what they are paying you for? 
To avoid this annoyance you need to response client on time. You can set up a response time, both the parties feel fair, and also you can decide a time frame in which you can respond to all the emails and phone calls that need response. Let your client know about your unavailability or appoint a backup responder to reply all-important email, phone calls etc. 

Involve clients in to process:
 Many app and web development agencies leave the clients out in the cold. Most of the client prefers to be involved in the whole process of project development. Until and unless your client does not hand-off the project to you, involve them into the business process altogether related to their project. 
Your client is your greatest collaborator. It’s always better to sacrifice some of your time than to diminish trust and damage the overall client-agency relationship. 

Let the client speak:
Acting like you everything when you don’t make client irritated and annoy them. Let the client openly express their ideas and thoughts. If they come to you with an issue, don’t downplay it. Make them feel heard and understood. After all, good communication is just as much about listening as it is speaking.

You are missing deadlines
Meeting a deadline likely means a lot more to the client than it means to you as the agency, because for the client, it’s an entire calendar full of set launch dates, promotions, additional marketing activities, etc. So instead of thinking what is right in front of you look into every step of your process. By looking ahead and with proper planning you can limit the chances of missing deadlines. 

From a sales team to project manager, developers and tester always provide the smooth transition. There should also be a backup point of contact for when the primary contact person is unavailable.
Collaborating with clients can be a different task when you have many clients demanding different projects from your agency team on different timelines. Appiqo technologies is one of the topmost app development company who dedicates a separate team for their clients and provides proper communication. If you also find that you are leading miscommunication to follow above tips and you will be ending building fruitful relationship with your clients.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Top 5 challenges during App Development

Mobile App development is much more popular but mobile developers face many challenges during the development process. There are many app development companies who can help in developing mobile applications
Some key App development challenges faced by Android developers are listed below:
1.    User Interface Issue:  Just over a decade ago, creating user interfaces (UIs) was a simple task, then user expectations have risen to sky high and developers started facing issues to fulfill that expectation. There are surprisingly many options for UI layers these days. So developers and designers must be sure that that is building the application with responsive layout. 

2.    Software fragment Issue: There are several versions available for Android OS which developer hard find when it comes to App development.  Timely upgrades are available on Android OS and Android developers cannot focus on latest OS version as it not sure that everyone has updated their Android OS.  It is inconvenient for many users to upgrade their operating systems because manufacturers play a vital role in device configuration. 

3.    Security Issue: Authentication is the most venerable place in-app because of the need to provide user credentials such as login and password. Android development does not have strict guidelines, unlike apple. So as a result mobile devices are getting affected by malware. This gives rise to tremendous amounts of security issues. And it is the biggest challenge faced by developers. 

4.    Patent Issue:  Android is an open source so there is the possibility of being many similar mobile applications. User interface and scenario must have been different but there is a possibility of having the same concept. The recent lawsuits indicate that several Android features may be declared a violation of patent issues. This can be the most challenging for app developers and App development companies

5.    Android Market search engine:  There is millions of app available in the android marketplace and almost every kind of app is available. In such case having a different idea or presenting and getting visible already existing kind of app among all is the difficult and challenging task. You need to pay attention to its promotions and marketing strategies, because even after developing the best application
if you don’t pay attention to marketing you may lose out on gaining any traction.

Appiqo Technologies is a TopRated App Development Company which have numbers of experienced developers on the team who are willing to take challenges and delivering successfully developed the application. Appiqo technologies also gained the team of marketing experts who are helping their clients after development to reach their expectations and numbers of downloads. 
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Friday, 3 November 2017

How much money you can earn with an App?

The mobile market is growing substantially over the years and Industry experts predict continuous growth.   Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop way back in 2014, and 80% of internet users now own smartphones. 
There is no denying, Apps are big business. In 2016, global app revenue hit an estimated $52 billion. This was a $10 billion increase from 2015. 
From the last few years, an unprecedented number of users are rushing to develop a mobile app for Android and iOS both. 
You will be amazed to know about the earnings of the top grossing apps in the world.
•    Developer Supercell has their “Clash of Clans” generating $1,118,457 per day in revenue.
•    King Digital Entertainment’s “Candy Crush” earns $884,676 per day through In-app purchases
Here are the following ways to make money from your App after publishing it to play store and App store:
Free App with In-app purchase: Make your app free so it can reach to a good number of downloads. You can add some other functionality by using In-app purchase that user can need to buy the subscription to get access.  In-app purchase is mostly used in the game app and business tools. You can provide extra features, coins, hacks etc.  Subscriptions generate the majority of these apps' revenue.
Google Ads/Third Party Ads: Everyone must have heard of Google Adwords. AdSense is a pay-per-click program. Promoter publicizes their items here and Google AdSense show same advertisements which are gotten through the Adwords program.
Third party ads is a moderately basic approach sites use to procure advertising revenue, and it additionally offers a path for small companies to market to focused shoppers. Third party ads is an online scenario where site administrator or distributor presents content for clients and the website likewise incorporates publicizing conveyed by another supplier.
Paid App: Here you can set an amount to download your application and use it. No free download is available. Make your app useful and advertise between target audiences to download the app. 
Appiqo Technologies counts in the list of Top most mobile app development companies for delivering \g all these kind of applications to their respective client without failure. Appiqo Technologies also provide proper marketing services to their clients to reach targeted number of downloads and enable more business. 

If you are looking for any kind of mobile app email us at visit our website and drop your requirements.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Ways to build a better agency-client relationship

Relationship with the client is one of the most important things that can help you to grow more. No matter how big your agency is, you can get better by establishing the good client relationship. 
There are some good positive actions you can take to build good client relationships. The goal of the Best App development companies is to build the lasting relationship with the client who will happily come back to the agency in future. 
Here are some steps you can take to make better client relationship:
Set clear goals and Expectations:
A project is successfully completed where the client is happy and satisfied with your services. You can’t expect the success of delivering the project successfully without the first setting goal and mutually agreed upon ideas that align with the client’s business goals.  You need to set up the detailed plan of actions with the timeline.  The scope of the work and plans should be specific and your team needs to on track for deliverables. 
Understand your client better: 
At the early stage of the relationship you need to spend more time and energy to understand client better. Issues with average client relationship are that agencies do not understand client’s requirements, their targets and only focus to grab the project. 
Top most app development companies always first try to understand client’s product, their business, target audience, their goals, and challenges. 
The more you understand what matters to them, the better the service you can provide.

Work together as a partner:
Always involve in building plans related to their product. Present your ideas creatively in front of clients. 

Communicate openly:
Communication is the best you can impress your client with. Always listen to their perspective. 
Be transparent about what you can and can’t accomplish -- what the limitations of the process are.  Always be upfront if there are any changes in plans that will always help the client to set up things and expectations and things will work smoothly. 

Report your progress and results:
 Every agency knows that they need to report client timely about work and progress. Do this always on time. The frequent and quality report can make difference. 
Reports are to make sure that the client is aware of work have done so far. Keep your client updated and take regular feedback. 

Deliver what you promised:
To build the better agency-client relationship it is important to deliver what you have planned and expected.  As Brian Honigman explains, “your word is your bond. Following up on your promises helps show the transparency of your business. 

There are several ways the better relationship client and agency can be built. Appiqo Technologies is one of the best app development companies which follow all the above approaches to achieve client goals and maintain good relationships client. The goal of the Appiqo technologies is to building best client relationship by delivering high-quality work better than client’s expectations. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Some Kotlin Tips for Android Development

Top most mobile app development companies used Java programming language for Android development. It is an old language and has been pretty slow to modernize. Hence Kotlin comes as a worthy alternative.  Kotlin came into existence in 2016, and its plug-in was integrated into Android Studio’s version 3.0. Kotlin was developed by JetBrains, and it runs smoothly on IntelliJ and Android Studio.
Kotlin Setup:
Firstly you need to Install Kotlin plug-in. After successfully doing so, there are two options available to convert your java to kotlin. 
1.    Create a new Android project and setup Kotlin in the project.
2.    Add Kotlin support to an existing Android project.
Some Kotlin tips for Android:
Lazy load feature:  For Android apps, Kotlin helps in reducing the reloading time, thus allowing access to the relevant content, instead of waiting for the screen to load. Lazy loading can result in faster startup time since loading is deferred to when the variable is accessed. 

New Project start: Creating a new project in Kotlin is certainly easy. You just need to simply click File and choose New Project. Then, simply give a name to this new project and choose the installed Android SDK version. 

Custom Getters and Setters: To specify custom behavior to get and set the fields Kotlin's custom getters and setters use the structure of a model. 

Converting Java code to kotlin: To convert the java code into kotlin, If you need to open the Main file. Next, select "Convert java file to Kotlin file". This can be done easily by searching for action.

Lambdas: lambdas are one of the most powerful tools in kotlin used to reduce too many coding lines in a source file, and help to focus more on programming. Retrolambda provides a way to use "lambda expressions" on Java versions below 8. Kotlin takes them a step further by ensuring you don't have to deal with Retrolambda. 

Kotlin is simply adorable for its ease of use and cleaner working platform. By being in a rundown of best app development companies - Appiqo technologies considered all the above tips as most valuable tips learned since Appiqo began creating in kotlin. If you are looking to develop an android application using kotlin visit our website and drop your requirements.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Freelancer Vs Mobile Apps Development Company

When you have a business idea, many freelancers and development companies will be there to assist you. You must decide, whether you’re best matched with a freelance app developer or an App development company.
If we are comparing two items, there are pros and cons to both, but in the long run, it is apparent that it is more beneficial to stick with a Mobile App development companies than a freelancer.
It is virtually impossible to find a freelancer who can do ‘Everything’: managing the project, design the user-interface, write the code, test for bugs, etc. if you hire a company to develop your application, you’ll have access to an entire multi-faceted team that’s able to carry a project from start to finish and beyond.  Top most app development companies dedicate a project manager for a particular project whose job is to ensure that work is going as it should and saving you from worries. This can help ensure that strict deadlines are met and yield an extraordinary end product.
The only con of hiring a development company is that you need to pay more than a freelancer. By hiring a company you are hiring the services of a team of developers, their project management systems and crucially their Quality Assurance process - rather than an individual.
Just like with any purchase, when you shop brands, you pay more, but you are not only paying for the product, you’re paying for the guarantee of quality as well. The same goes for an app development company. An App development company firstly signs a non disclosure agreement to ensure that your   business idea is safe. In a company project manager gives you real-time updates as well as hassle-free collaboration on your project easily. 

It can be clearly seen that choosing a development company is always better than choosing an individual freelancer. If you have any requirement on iOS app development or Android app development or Web app development, game development feel free and contact a Best app development company Appiqo Technologies.  Here with a professional team you receive quality service from a group of knowledgeable programmers and designers with the most up to date information.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Hire Android Developer

The Android operating system is the most popular among mobile application developers. Understanding the endless opportunities with Android application development, we at Appiqo Technologies provides android application development services. And by being in this industry from past many years we have delivered successfully running mobile applications to our respected client which are helping them to enable more business. 
To deliver best to our clients we at Appiqo Technologies have the team of high skilled, and devoted android developers, who are helping us to being in the rundown of Top app development companies. 
Appiqo technologies dependably put stock in conveying the great work and for that our group has all the accompanying qualities:
  • We have resources of having 8+ years experience in our team. 
  • Our team has knowledge of all latest technologies trending in market. 
  • Appiqo’s team always ready to take new challenges and solve them with their smart work. 
  • Our team works together like a family and help each-other to resolve issues. 
Our dedicated Android app developers have worked on numerous projects across various industry sectors and developed many applications of different categories.  
Before hiring an android developer we test the skills of the candidate in various rounds of interview, A candidate should possess the following skills:
  • Proven Software and Android development skills
  • Experience working with product management and UI/UX designers
  • Strong knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android
  • Experience publishing a high quality Android application to the Google Play Store
  • Candidate should have team management skills and have the ability to work the team. 
  • To be part of Appiqo candidate should be able to take responsibilities and work dedicatedly to deliver the project on time. 
  • Candidate should be a smart worker not a lazy one, as Appiqo known for delivering application on time and that is possible by working smartly in provided working environment. 
  • Candidate should give their 8 hours daily on working days as Appiqo provides daily work report to their clients rather than weekly. 
Appiqo Technologies have their term and conditions and they are strict to them for every employee. Whether the employee is fresher or experienced one, Appiqo provides 3 months to every candidate to set up in environment and Appiqo also test the work ability of the candidates in this duration. After three months Appiqo team discuss with the candidate about working environment, projects etc. and if both team and candidates are satisfied Appiqo gives an increment to the applicant agreeing his execution to value their work.

On the off chance that you are searching for android mobile applications, tablet app development, redesigning app or potentially upgraded functionalities for your clients, at that point get in touch with us to make the best answers for your requirements.  As you are well known with the capabilities of our resources and their dedication so we are sure that if you come with your requirement you will the quick response and on time delivery commitment from our end. You must visit our site to get in touch with our sales team. 

Saturday, 7 October 2017

What are the important Reasons behind the rejection of your mobile Application on play store and apple store?

Developing an app itself is an arduous task, and then there is this review process from which your app has to go through and get approved.  Review process is designed to keep the app ecosystem healthy and to protect users from low-quality or hostile app. Each App store has its own rules, requirements, and guideline to allow developers to submit apps. If an app doesn't fulfill the requirements of the app store then the app could get rejected by the app store.
Well, there is a fix for everything. After discussing with the expertise of Best Mobile app development company Appiqo Technologies here I am summarizing the potential reasons why an app can get rejected by the App Store and Play Store:
  • Broken Links: All links in your app must be functional. A link to user support with up-to-date contact information is required for all apps, and if you're offering auto-renewable or free subscriptions or your app is in the Kids Category, you must also provide a link to your privacy policy.
  • Bugs and crashes: Nothing is more frustrating to the user than crashing apps. If your app contains any kind of bugs or crashes during the review, the App Store will get it rejected immediately.
  • Uses of copyright images and content: Both Apple and Google have very strict guidelines against copyright infringement; be it in concept, design or code. Instead of creating a cheap imitation of a best seller, try to come up with an original concept.
  • Misleading Meta Data: Metadata includes the name of the app, its description, ranking, reviews and ratings. While writing the metadata for your app, you must be very specific and accurate, especially when it comes to app description.  
  • In accurate description: Your app description and screenshots should clearly and accurately convey your app's functionality. This helps users understand your app and makes for a positive App Store experience.
  • No Beta version allow for App Store: Google has made it a standard industry practice to launch services into indefinite “beta,” but Apple can be quite strict about any indication that an app is unfinished or not yet ready for prime time.
Reliable statistics aren't really available for the ratio of app approval and rejection on app store. Top most mobile app development companies have the expertise in their team, who are well aware about the guidelines and conditions of play store and app store. And if you are following the guidelines, you generally have very little to worry about. Apps get rejected for minor technical issues, are fixed, resubmitted and accepted. Or they get rejected due to a misunderstanding during the review, and get accepted after appealing the decision.
Now that you’re aware of some of most common pitfalls, you’re that much more likely to be one of the few, proud developers that gets in with their first submission. 

If you have any plans for developing any kind of mobile applications, I must suggest going with Appiqo Technologies as they have successfully submitted many applications on play store and App store which are running successfully and hitting the millions downloads.  

Friday, 6 October 2017

Quick and Best steps to follow for getting more downloads of your application

It’s very difficult for now to stand out with your Application where Million of apps across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and other platforms are standing out in the boundless sea. How do you make customers to choose yours? The work does not end, when the app is finally developed and available on play store or app store for download. We can say the most important task has only just begun.
By working with the Best mobile app development company I have got the opportunity to deal with many of clients across the globe. Many of them are investing lots of money to make their app best and I think what matters a lot is not money but quality. Clients can come with good budget or sometime with low budget, but Companies needs to focus on their requirements and satisfying them with providing all the quality services. What if client has to go with some other company for promotion and getting their brand with high downloads. Appiqo Technologies is providing mobile app development services at reasonable rates with free post support and marketing, which leads them to get more number of clients. 

Here are some ways to get more downloads of your application:
 There are two main platforms for which you can develop your app are Play store and App Store. Although the platforms and the stores are different, the techniques that can be applied to promote the App are very similar and, usually, the only differences arise at the technical level, in terms of implementation, and result in small changes. 
App Store Optimization: App store optimization works similar for Google play store and App Store as search engine optimization works for websites. Just like search engine optimization, app store optimization focuses on keyword relevance, search relevance and the keyword density in your description. 
Here are some important things to focus on:
•    App Name
•    App keywords
•    Number of downloads
•    Ratings and Reviews
•    App description
•    App screenshots
•    App localization
Some other important things to do outside the App store:
App’s website: A website can be the greatest assets to promote your app. It should be optimized for search engines (SEO) with the targeted keywords and all link building should be directed to this website. Make the website mobile friendly and provide links to download the application.  
Promotions on social media: Social media can be a good source to engage the target audience. Today’s era spent their much time on social media sites. Post creative and attractive banners with specifying the qualities of your applications. The simple sharing of a result on Facebook or Twitter or the possibility to invite friends to use the App. Facebook has an advertising option that is specifically geared to promoting the installation of Apps.
Animated videos: Videos are an easy way for you to showcase everything which your beautiful and well-built app has to offer. For your demo video, create a simple 30 second commercial video with three most important questions: Why, How, and what?
App review sites:  Getting on app review sites means you have to convince them that your app is good enough to be reviewed by them. Getting press and reviews about your app is an easy way to capitalize on another site’s traffic.  

Mobile App development companies provides only app development services and their client’s need to find out other companies to promote their applications while being at Appiqo Technologies we believe in making long-term relationship  and for that Appiqo helps their client with all such services and support. Their team works with clients from gathering requirements to going live. Appiqo has advanced there services to digital marketing and promotions for websites and Applications both. On the off chance that you are searching for the Top most mobile app development companies we should propose picking Appiqo Technologies.