Thursday, 16 March 2017

How the Top App Developers have capture the market in UAE

We are well aware of the Apps in the market, every country is coming forward in taking one step ahead of others in the field of application marketing. Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait is the Middle East countries which are growing boundless for IT industry. Middle East countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait are really becoming the best spots for IT Industries. Basically, theses countries are well known for its IT skills and that’s the main reason, which encouraging them to rule in the IT market.

Top App Developers UAE

Across the globe, the UAE app developers are gaining attention and us at Appiqo Technologies are really working hard to match them, even we have established our sales office in UAE, the reason is very clear, we are now in the stage of exploring our business all-around the world. We are based in India but well popular with the tag name of top app developer UAE. Particularly If I talk about the sales team in UAE they are just doing best and providing us the profitable business in comparison to other countries.

People are crazy about WhatsApp, Uber, Instagram, etc. Do you have an idea why these apps are so much popular? It is quite necessary to think how a single app can capture billion of attention. I don’t think it’s really all because of the app developer; it’s something more than, let discover what exactly these apps got.

You have an idea and you are running a company to execute it right!? We would never think of options available for us, never make any strategies, neither think of resources nor the result at the end.

But it is what which is important to take care off. The first step is to choose the best company for you, not just by seeing popularity but its professionalism. Select that company which does not promise, which do. Your time is precious and also money.

Here I am pointing some points which generally people look:

1.    Reasonable Price
2.    Best quality work
3.    The job was done on time.
4.    Bug-free/error free
5.    Launched successfully in the market
6.    Support technically after delivering the work.
7.    Maximum viewers
8.    Popularity

These above points are something which will help clients to choose best for them, Appiqo assures to follow each point seriously and never let down their clients. Even now from 2016 on-wards the Appiqo has explored their team size and established their best App development team in UAE, which is doing wonders in the area of Application development. 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Different types of Apps that App developers need to know about

This has lead to the advancement of a wide range of sorts of applications. There are as of now 24 application classifications on the iOS App Store, and also subcategories with the presentation of iOS 8. Google Play has 20 application categories.This may sound somewhat overpowering; all things considered they all fit flawlessly into 7 unique sorts of applications. TopMost App Development companies UAE working on various types of apps. Appiqo Technologies is one of the Best Mobile App Development Company in UAE. Here some of them are as follows-

Those types of apps are:
1. Utilities
2. Entertainment
3. Games
4. News
5. Productivity
6. Lifestyle
7. Social Networking

Each of these application sorts are very distinctive and require an alternate style of programming from the other. As an application designer, you have to comprehend what the distinction is and what might be required of you. For instance, some applications use off-application stockpiling (web-administration/database) to store and draw information from. Others require a totally distinctive advancement programming to run. Moreover, different sorts of applications might require the application designer to utilize a 3D demonstrating programming to finish the application.

1- Utilities Apps- Utility applications are likely the sorts of applications that are taking up the most room on your screens at this moment! These are convenient devices that you convey with you that offer you some assistance with performing basic undertakings. 

Samples of utility applications are: 

Adding machines 
Scratch pads 
Correspondence applications 
Climate applications 

Utility applications are ordinarily utilized as often as possible (4-5 times each week) however have shorter session times. 
This is on account of the client wouldn't like to invest energy playing around in the application – they came to take care of an issue rapidly so they are in an out in a matter of seconds. In this way, the objective for most designers of utility applications is the manner by which to build recurrence of utilization.

2- Entertainment Apps- Examples of entertainment apps are:
Face Juggler
Ice effex

Entertainment apps are distinguished from games apps because they often have quite different goals, even though both of them seek to entertain the user. Entertainment apps are often educational, and seek to ‘gamify’ an already existing process or activity.

3- Games Apps- Best games are-
Cut the Rope 2.
Plants v/s Zoombies
Defence Zone2 
Amusements applications are still an enormously mainstream subset of application advancement today. In 2016, we're seeing innovation like virtual reality and brilliant television's begin to change what diversion applications resemble.

4- New Apps- Having a news application has turned into a need for media and distributed organizations to stay important in the 'advanced time of news-casting'. 
The most essential element of a news application are the sharing capacities. 
These applications spread virally through giving new, important substance to a mass group of onlookers. 

Cases of news applications are: 
The NYT application 

Basically, the objective of any distributed application is to empower more prominent substance utilization, so that the distributer can create more income from sponsors.

5- Productivity Apps- Productivity apps are developed to help us be more productive.

Examples of productivity apps are:
Finance apps
Grocery list makers

Any functionality that is clunky or confusing only adds to the user’s workload. Your aim is to make them MORE productive, not less!

6- Lifestyle Apps- Lifestyle apps are where we’ve seen the biggest uptick in development.
It comes as no surprise that we want to use apps to solve everyday problems we have in our lives.
We use these apps to enhance our lifestyles and to make everyday living ‘easier’.

Examples of lifestyle apps are:
Fitness apps
Travel Apps
Food & Drink apps
Dating apps
Music apps like Spotify and Apple Music

Lifestyle apps tend to complement other products and services very well. It’s for this reason that are incredibly successful in lifestyle apps.

For example, Runkeeper offers its exercise fanatics exclusive deals on Nike products. They then take a cut of the sales attributed to this ad.

7 - Social Networking Apps- Nearly all of us use social networking apps.
Social media is so pervasive in our society that we are now seeing apps that wouldn’t traditionally be considered a social network add social as a core part of their product.

For example, FitBit is a fitness app with the added in-app functionality of following your friends and engaging in competitions with and against them.

Examples of social networking apps are:

Whatever the type of app is, as a Top App Developers UAE, you need to understand that the purpose of an app is to make people’s lives easier.

If you’re not sure if your app does this, to give you some clarity.

The more people you can affect, and the more you can lives you can improve, the richer you will get. Simple as that!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Its 8 March- A Special day to celebrate for women

March 8 is a global day to celebrate the achievements of women in every field. International Women’s day is the annual theme that supports a particular cause or agenda declared by the collaboration of many organizations.

It is a call for gender parity and a day for celebration to all women in the world. International women’s day is all about equality, parity, action and unity- that think of local people. This day has been celebrating over a century, and continues to explore more and more in accordance to strength and power.
International Women’s day

Since many years we are celebrating women’s day in every developed or developing country with the same faith. Women are started gaining the priority and preferences in all aspects after this movement. The main purpose of starting this movement is to make women politically, economically, physically and mentally strong and powerful, mainly focus on generating respect and appreciation among people.

Appiqo Technologies completely support women for their courage and hard work they dedicate for their family and work place. “We salutes all women” IWD’s original Aim is to diminish the gap persist across the world between men and women. If we look now also we will find still the women’s education, health and violence is worse in many countries. International Women’s day comes in existence to limelight the issues faced by women. It is a step to force everybody to recognize inequalities- and appreciate the achievements.

How can everyone get involved?

There are various ways to take part in International Women’s day.

1. Take a pledge for root out the Inequality.

This you all can do by reaching the IWD website and help women and girls in achieving their goals; call for equality leadership and create flexible cultures.

2. Participating in many events happening around the world.

The IWD website placed all the happenings of recent events in countries and towns.

3. You have an option for organizing your own event

It’s still not too late. You can come forward and come together with more people and support women. 

In spite of all negativity, International Women's Day is a unique day committed just to ladies and their part in our lives. Culture and ethnicity has given another measurement right up 'til the present time where the custom of gifting presents to ladies is famous in a few nations. Customized blessings and welcome cards committed to Women's Day have turned out to be especially well known today. Many individuals think it is the perfect approach to express their affection and appreciation for ladies in life. However, the genuine quintessence of the day lies in distinguishing the rights and force of ladies and giving them a stature that they merit.

Friday, 3 March 2017

How to make a brand popular through Mobile Apps

Engaging more customers is not that easy task to do. Once you create any app belong to any domain, it’s necessary to promote that app. Branding the app is one important reason of making app successful in market. The survey said that more people feel risk of downloading the app which has limited followers, install and reviews.

App success is simultaneously graphed with the success of Company which launched that App. It is well understood by all Best Mobile App Development Company UAE that they must have a marketing team which is capable of selling their App product to maximum customers.

The Top App Developers UAE must know that making the app wonderful, with amazing functionality and which works on multiple platforms is not considered as the best solution for any mobile app company, market-wise.

Mobile App branding is categorized basically into three main types:

Give better browsing experience to users with mobile web app. An example of such similar app brand is Google Map.
Make App which is different and new in market, so user will attract more towards that.
After launching any app, keep updating new things in that and better watch out good performance.

Every App need to focus on customer expectations and capture their eye and attention. Lot of mobile apps is available in the market, what makes you different? It’s your App developer and designer who will make App beautiful and user friendly. So I must suggest everybody to choose Top most app development companies UAE.

Achieving success with your developed App is all depend on the marketing:

1. Study what customer is looking for.
2. Your Main Aim should be in your focused mind.
3. Make your marketing strategy best.
4. Choosing correct mobile technology

Marketing is equally important with making the App. It is of no use, if your app is known only among few people, your ultimate goal is to get your product popular and support you financially. Spend some time before starting working on any app idea and give some time after launching the app for marketing. Appiqo Technologies that are why provide you free 1 month support for marketing client’s App to all social media platforms.