Saturday, 26 November 2016

Top Reasons for Businesses to go for Android Application Development

With the popularity of Mobile Application Development industry, and an spending capacity you might just wish to invest in android app development. We know what people need and can help you with your app development needs to cater to the Indian audience. People are more comfortable on spending over useful apps in companies rather than apps that are focused on entertainment and games. Appiqo Technologies is one of the Development Company in Noida, India.

According to the worldwide standards, India has a number of qualities of android app developers who can create apps for both app stores as well as Google Play store. 

Don’t worry about the iOS store. We know Apple’s guidelines and can ensure that the apps meet Apple’s strict standards. If you’re looking to develop an android app, don’t forget to contact now.

Android Application Development is a huge scope in application development market. The number of applications launched by Google is above 700,000. The popularity of Apple is mainly due to free apps constituting about 67% of the total of number of its apps on Google Play and not the paid ones which constitute about 32% of the same. Today more than 75 percent of the smartphones purchased by users have Android OS. About 1.3 million such devices are activated on a daily basis. In the current global market of tablets and smartphones, about 600 types of devices are powered by Android.

The above mentioned data explains the significance of Android in the digital world that we all live in today. Here are some valid reasons for businesses to deploy android apps:

Android Apps Can Be Customized

Customization is by far the greatest aspect of a mobile app – fortunately in android apps. People using these apps can customize them beyond the traditional limits. Deploying such apps allows companies to add a brand to their businesses. Also, this helps to improve user experience by making the applications more interactive.

A Multitude of Excellent Features in Android Apps

Choosing android application development for bringing your business on the platform of mobile devices gives you the opportunity to deploy feature-rich apps. While using an app for the first time, every user expects it to have a multitude of amazing features each of which can serve a different purpose. Features incorporated in Android apps mostly include task managers, email receiver and sender, and calendar.

Appiqo is a Topmost Mobile Application DevelopmentCompany in India. Appiqo Technologies has a sharp vision is very simple though thoughtful, Appiqo just want create an significant & noticeable change in World through Our Web & Mobile App Design, Development & Marketing Startegies to solve the problems of users across globe.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Cool and Practical Apps for Couples

Everyone want to be living in happy life so some Apps for couples. Appiqo Technologies is built Couples apps which is so easy to use and Best Mobile Apps Development Company in Jaipur, India.

When you cherish somebody, you need to be as associated with them as would be prudent, especially in times when you are separate miles for reasons unknown. There's no less demanding approach to stay associated than having an application for that. These 15 cool and sweet applications for couples will offer you some assistance with dealing with different parts of your relationship – from becoming acquainted with each other far and away superior to settling battles and figuring out how to be a superior accomplice. 

 * Couple

     A wonderfully planned informal organization for just you two, Couple guarantees to gain your experiences keep going forever! The application permits you to make telephone calls or facetime, trade writings, express your state of mind and emotions with video, sound, doodles, adorable stickers and even private photographs which you can set to vanish inside of a specific time. On top, you can set warnings on a common schedule and trade schedules. The application is a staggeringly hot approach to stay always associated and keep every one of your recollections live on a mutual course of events both for couples in long-remove connections and those living in the same city.

 * The Ice Break

An application concentrated on making more important talks and comprehension you’re so better. TheIceBreak involves a rundown of inquiries to either trade answers in private or ask and answer namelessly inside of the group. Additionally you can "catch today's minute," by sharing a photo of something that stunned you today. Presently, being dynamic with splitting icebreakers artistic pays off. Every time you finish one of the application's activities, you get 10$ in the icebreak coins. At the point when your fantasy group gains $500 in coins, you get a 20% markdown (for up to $20) off your next date! Simply mail you beneficiary a short time later and receive a money again from the organization consequently. How cool is that..!!!

 * Between

Asserting to be another "best application for couples", Between has a convenient arrangement of elements each of you would love! Make your flawlessly styled private space where you can trade and store photographs, voice messages, adorable stickers and vivified emoticons. The application achieved 1 million downloads just inside of a year subsequent to propelling and as the CEO Park infers: the application is profoundly addictive. Current client’s burn through 300 minutes a month by and large building more significant experiential connection that appreciates more closeness with your darling.

 * You and Me

Another upscale searching informing application intended for couples by the How About We dating site. You&Me has a standard arrangement of components like trading content, photograph and video reminders to more loco and remarkable elements like sharing melodies (that make you think about your SO!); Photobooth – shoot four window, footpath esque styled pics together; Halfsie – shoot Frontback-style photographs of you on top and your SO on the base and Secret – send your most private pics "steamed up" that the beneficiary needs to wipe up clear to see. Also, the application knows when both of you are as one, all things considered, and conforms the interface individually.

 * LokLok

Trade clever doodles, draws and manually written notes that will in a split second get to be unmistakable at your SO's screen without opening it! LokLok application replaces your standard lock screen with another one where you can go all inventive. On the off chance that you are synchronized, your message immediately shows on their screen. There's even no compelling reason to open your telephone or dispatch the application view and answer! Then again, you can set the application as a gadget, on the off chance that you don't need it to supplant your screen.

If you are looking for Mobile App Development Company for make your business app Appiqo Technologies is best mobile app development company in India.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Steps to Automating your App Marketing

The most concerning issue application designer’s face when propelling their application is getting a high volume of clients to support a wage. That is the reason 68% of applications fall level all over. Appiqo Technologies is Topmost Mobile ApplicationDevelopment Company in India. Appiqo is a leading iphone and Android AppDevelopment company in Jaipur, India.

In today's application economy you must be forceful to win. In this article we'll spread off the best technique for procuring a high volume of clients rapidly. The procedure is called User Acquisition. On the other hand in straightforward terms: Buying clients.

1-   Define your Goals- An objective inside of an application can likewise be alluded to as an 'occasion'. An occasion/objective is an activity that you need the client to take, i.e. purchase an in-application buy, finish the enrollment process, dispatch the application 6 times, offer it on Facebook, and so on. It can be whatever you need it to be. The main thing you have to do is characterize what your objectives are with the goal that you can track them in the later steps.

2-   Choose a perfect user- Your ideal client can be characterized as somebody who finishes the objectives you set. Focusing on these sorts of clients will finish more objectives, all the more regularly and at last drive higher income. Simply concentrate on these folks!
The advertisement systems aren't set up to comprehend who your ideal client is. Indeed, it's not to their greatest advantage to tell you since they need you to spend more.

3-   Keep Focus on Organic Users- Natural clients are the individuals who effectively search out and download your application without being specifically presented to any of your showcasing. They have a much higher lifetime esteem than a client obtained from an advertisement arrange and are an awesome case of the sort of clients you need to target, i.e. your Perfect User. Watch them intently and distinguish their attributes. These are the general population who you need to focus in your client acquisitions battle.

4-   Choose your Best Performing days of the week- Once you've been doing this for some time you'll start to distinguish patterns. A few days could be the Hay Day for different reasons relying upon your business sector and different days can be somewhat less productive. In light of that you have to ensure that you assign your financial plan in like manner. Your aggregate consumption for Ad Network an on Tuesday and Wednesday could be the same. In any case, you may get more downloads on Wednesdays. So what day would it be advisable for you to be spending your cash.

5-   Automate your invoices- On the off chance that you have general or repeating receipts, you can computerize your invoicing process by setting up your receipts to send on a specific day of the month. Use cloud bookkeeping programming, for example, investigate your funds from wherever you are. You can make instalments and accommodate your records to guarantee that your capital stays predictable while you're away.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Top 5 ways to get users Addicted to Your Mobile App

Application has been fabricated, tried, and dispatched – now the genuine work starts. I know, I know. You've as of now emptied your heart into this undertaking. You've recognized the issue, you've concocted the ideal arrangement and transformed into a marvelous application. Isn't that enough?? Unfortunately, no. It is definitely not. In all trustworthiness, it's simply starting. Hang on people, it will deteriorate. Not just do you have more work before you, it's not going to be simple. Truth be told, this is the part in an application life cycle where most business people come up short. Luckily for you, the Appiqo Technologies organization is here to offer assistance.

We are more than only an advancement organization. Without a doubt, we create anything from applications to custom programming to sites, however our emphasis is on achievement. At the point when applications we develop blow, we know we've done our employment. All things considered, 80% of our business is from return clients and the most ideal approach to hold clients returning is to profit!

 So what's our mystery sauce? How would we make one application – your application – emerge over the rest? Our strategy was created by a promoting group pulled from Apple, WebEx, Cisco, and others and culminated through almost two many years of testing. We've contemplated the most ideal approaches to make an addictive application – from advancement to post-dispatch systems. All the more vitally, we've concentrated on the best application adaptation systems out there, not very say making some of our own.

1-   Build for Micro sessions- In a perfect world you need to fabricate something that permits clients to accomplish something important in a small measure of time – profoundly addictive portable applications all do this. Most truly fruitful amusements let you "accomplish" incremental prizes in brief timeframes. Tindr's gigantic achievement is to a limited extent because of how straightforward they've made it to accomplish something apparently overpowering – finding a date should be possible while you're holding up in the espresso line in the morning

A "reference" on this point is the significance of getting clients to a "stunning" minute as fast as could be expected under the circumstances the first occasion when they utilize the application. That is what'll get them back a second time.

2-   Gamification - Gamification, as you might figure from the name, alludes to a progression of application methods and techniques obtained from computer games. Basically, it's an approach to ceaselessly connect with your clients, to hold them returning taking into account the convenience of the application itself (called an "engagement circle" in the biz). The thought is to offer clients something that holds them returning. In computer games, it takes the type of character leveling, or going after an accomplishment. Clearly this procedure changes little from console/PC amusements to application diversions, however shouldn't something be said about applications that aren't for gaming? How would you make an engagement circle for an application that advances an administration?

3-   Encourage Loyalty- You make them an offer they can't won't (no steeds are hurt really taking shape or advertising of our applications). For Starbucks and Dunkin' Doughnuts, this took the type of free espresso; however they are not really the main two organizations to approach application engagement along these lines.

Whether you offer espresso as a part of a prizes framework (Starbucks) or as a feature of a group engagement (Dunkin Doughnuts offered free espresso to application clients on diversion days in different US urban communities), you are making client steadfastness. Stunningly better, you are driving movement both for your application and, for this situation, your store.

A brisk note for the trying business person: Apps that arrange rewards focuses are picking up in notoriety. Truth be told, throughout the most recent month, we've seen a tremendous uptick in inquiries rotating around prizes focuses and even a few applications that attention exclusively on the social occasion and spending of prizes focuses assembled from different stores.

AppiqoTechnologies is a Topmost Mobile app development Company in Jaipur, India. Appiqo Encourage all team members as well as our clients which are working with us.

4-   Good design is Good Business- We’ve got an amazing team of creative thinkers, strategists, designers and developers working on the frontlines of mobile. Our blog covers everything from design thinking, mobile app development, industry trends, mobile analytics and app marketing strategies. Check back often, and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates. Great outline: is consistent; streams from screen to screen (or activity to activity) sensibly and essentially; counteracts eye stretch and weariness, which can prompt drop off in utilization designs; makes and advances an ordeal that is satisfying, drawing in and just fun. Appiqo Designers is built

5-   Hire the Experts - I would be letting you know this regardless of the possibility that I didn't work for SDI – contract somebody who realizes what they are doing! As I told my sibling in a matter of seconds before his disastrous doctor's facility trek: it's likely better to contract a specialist to supplant your rooftop. While building an application all alone is unrealistic to bring about a nail in your foot, the point stands. We recognize what we're doing – we have as well.

Why squander your own time and cash to fabricate a below average item, when we are prepared to do the truly difficult work for you?
Call us at AppiqoTechnologies at phone no-+91-9958376213   or and contract a devoted software engineer or planner for our ordinary cost.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Trends of Mobile App Development

At the point when building up your application there are sure key principals you have to follow with the goal individuals should interface with your portable application.

Side route is cool… use it! Base bar route is beginning to drift out starting a year ago so remember that.

There is the odd event when a child at secondary school will accomplish something totally radical which slings his prevalence status straight up to the top and makes him a cool child. In any case, how frequently does that happen? Not regularly…

AppiqoTechnologies is a Top Most Mobile App development Company in Jaipur, India. AppiqoTechnologies is a booming company in Apps Development  and follow some new trends, here we discus below-

1-   Faster Mobile Development- Organizations are experiencing an intense stage in pacing up with the expanding interest for versatile applications. With these dynamic requests, organizations are contending to dispatch their items and administrations speedier than any other individual. The principle objective for portable application designers would be to lessen the length of time of the improvement life cycles and chopping down the time crevice that lies in the middle of idealization and dispatch. You can hope to see propelled quick application improvement instruments and in addition structures in the business sector.

2-   Cloud Technology- Blasting cloud innovation is required to assume a key part in the application advancement insurgency. There has been an upward shift in the use of cell phones. This tends to make application engineers more engaged towards the capacity of coordinating and synchronizing applications created for multiple gadgets. The cloud methodology will offer engineers to fabricate functionality that some assistance with canning effortlessly be utilized on various cell phones with comparable information and elements.

3-   Security in Apps- There have been a few reports indicating worries of clients with respect to hack in gand according to the expectation of Gartner, 75% of versatile applications would not have the capacity to pass even fundamental security tests. Programmers will tend to proceed with the pattern of misusing known security crevices in portable applications for getting delicate and classified data. Security will in any case remain a major test in portable applications. It has turned into a desperate need today that engineers take security issues like unreliable information stockpiling, unintended spillage of information, broken cryptography and so forth truly.

4-   Beacon Internet WiFi Services- Signal (Beam) innovation has obscured the primary concern contrasts in the middle of online and disconnected from the net - be it retail part or publicizing. This innovation has as of now been received in iOS and is relied upon to follow in Android frameworks sooner rather than later. Practically every industry including Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, Travel, Corporate, Real Estate, Automotive, Advertising accepting advantages from such web administrations. A case could comprehend this pattern better is Beacons utilized as a part of expansive structures. It is entirely basic to see guides executed in vast structures to give interior mapping. At the point when a crisis happens, the specialists on call can rapidly get to where the issue happened.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Launching an App in a Right way

Regardless of how splendid the idea, regardless of how talented the software engineers, or shrewd the advertising group, there's continually something that can trip up the individuals who wouldn't dare hoping anymore it. Particularly when it gets to be an ideal opportunity to dispatch your application. Hence, propelling an application doesn't begin with submitting applications, it doesn't begin with the showcasing rush the day preceding discharge—it begins with that first conceptualize, and proceeds with well past week one in the business sector. So today, we’ll examine all that you'll ever need to think about how to dispatch your application effectively, from wind-up to complete.

Today, Appiqo Technologies  is an Best AndroidApplication Development Company in India.

•  Brainstorming, Research, and Development

   Amid your underlying application meeting to generate new ideas aware of how your application is going to hit the business sector. Do know what your rivals resemble, what the conceivable fate of that industry is, or what your intended interest group resemble? How does your center idea emerge from the group? Why might anybody download your application and not somebody else's? On the off chance that these answers are misty then how would you anticipate that your application will be effective? Before you spend extreme measure of cash and time on this thought ensure its something worth putting resources into. Make an impenetrable marketable strategy you can get behind.
    Also, you'll likewise need to make sense of which markets you need to enter, what their principles for accommodation are, and how their application process works. Doing some preparatory examination will facilitate the perplexity and disappointment joined to this repetitive procedure.

  Testing your App- Put your product through the ringer and never ever trust app building tools to provide a realistic testing environment. Every mobile device operates differently so get your app tested on as many as possible platforms before you launch. You can either buy and keep popular tablets and phones to test on, or find a good source of beta testers to get your device worked hard on as many devices as possible (or both).  

    Nothing sours a launch worse than discovering on Day 1 that a large segment of your market can’t get your app working. Launches should be a time of celebration not frantic debugging.

Develop Marketing strategies and Tactic- Make some sense of your promoting admirably before dispatch — a considerable measure of work ought to go into getting individuals discussing your item and energized for it before it turns out, in light of the fact that it pays to understand that day 1 spike to deals and push your way up different top rated application records. Build-up your business sector, develop steam, and get everything prepared for dispatch. There are a variety of approaches to do this, some are free/shabby and some are truly costly. It'll all descend to your advertising spending plan. Regardless of how enormous or little it is you need to market it savvy, not simply hard. Simply remember the most profitable standard in Marketing: recognize your objective market and oblige them.

   AppiqoTechnologies do all the things to launch the app in a right way. Appiqo Technologies is a leading Mobile Application Development Company in Jaipur, India.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

How to Measure the Success of an App

Portable applications have turned into the focal piece of our lives and organizations. Also, adding to an application is a business in itself, and that to an extremely productive one. To see how your application tolls in the business sector, we ought to figure some strong measurements. How about we today examine on some key measurements we might want to quantify, with which, we can see how our application passages, as well as enhance our application in a major manner.

1-  Download Metrics- While downloads alone can't figure out whether an application is a victor or not, number of downloads is doubtlessly a key metric to examine. In Freemium model, the more downloads, the higher the likelihood of achievement, since we depend just upon in-application buys for income. In paid application, it's a much greater arrangement, downloads are straightforwardly proportionate to income. So in Freemium plan of action, ensure that the metric does not stop with the quantity of downloads alone. We ought to be measuring the quantity of dynamic clients.

2-  Engagement Metrics- Engagement can be measured from multiple points of view. Essentially engagement metric alludes to time dynamic clients spend in the application. Remember, a dynamic client generally alludes to somebody who had finished no less than 5 sessions with the application.

   The following thing you have to screen is the session length of time. Check the amount of time a client spends on your application. Longer the session, increasingly the odds of finishing an occasion or objective. Occasion or objective is a particular activity you need to client to perform, which thusly produces income, it might be a facebook like or share or survey an in-application promotion or filling a structure or going to a site or whatever else which creates income as indicated by your showcasing procedure. Since objectives are anything but difficult to gauge, it ought to be customized into your application utilizing application examination apparatuses. Client faithfulness is another test application designers face. Client Loyalty is only he normal time a client stays as dynamic client. Measurements say, client regularly quit utilizing an application following 3 months.

To sum up, metrics to measure engagement of an user are:
1.Number of active Users
2.Session duration
3.Goals Completed
4.User Loyalty 

3-  Retention Metrics- This is another metric you would need to watch out for. You would need your client base to develop as well as to ensure that these clients sit tight. Consistency standard precisely demonstrates that and is measured in rate.

Illustration in the event that you have 100 clients this month and toward the end of 30 days you have 80 clients, then client degree of consistency is 80% (or agitate rate 20%) When you keep a tab on this metric on day by day, week by week and month to month premise, it would again give a reasonable photo of the execution of your application.

Why Retention is essential?

In the event that maintenance is not managed earnestness and settled in an application, the same client conduct might follow in your different items also. High degree of consistency takes after with higher LTV (Life-time Value). LTV is only the income produced by a client.

4-  Quality Metrics- This metric demonstrates the nature of your code. It is almost difficult to build up an application that is resistant to any issues. Quality does not generally mean flawless, and absolutely free of all blunders. Rather, it implies finding and settling blunders at the earliest opportunity and keep the clients glad and keep them guaranteed that the application being consistently enhanced to pleasure them.

Today Appiqo Technologies is a Topmost AppDevelopment Company in Jaipur, India. Appiqo deliver their app at very fast rate with quality of standards. Appiqo is a leading app and web developmentcompany that masters the art of creating engaging and functional websites, products, portals and web applications on the latest technologies and frameworks for your business expansion.

Friday, 18 March 2016

The Principles for App development

Appiqo Technologies is a Best Mobile Application Development Company in Jaipur, India. Appiqo have manufactured a group culture that is centered around customer fulfilment and driven by our customer needs. Portable App advancement has turned into an unavoidable part of the business with expansion in cell phones. We have a group of Talented App designers who can make modified applications by dealing with gathering of people needs.
A noteworthy test in item improvement is making an application that is worked on account of life span. With OS redesigns, changing economic situations, and ceaselessly expanding rivalry, numerous applications get to be unessential rapidly – it's a reality of the business.
While there is no manual for future-sealing your portable application, there are steps you can take – in procedure, item definition, configuration, and improvement – to guarantee that an item is set up for long haul achievement.
The accompanying standards of economical application advancement are what drive the life span of items, even in a liquid and regularly evolving market.
1-   Begin With Solving A Real Problem -

You're building an item that depends on tending to genuine needs of genuine individuals. This implies understanding who your clients are and how your item will take care of the issues that they confront. Distinguishing this goes before application improvement and is the establishment that drives the heading of the item.

Furthermore, you have to comprehend the business sector, the opposition, crevices in arrangements, and then some. This will guarantee that your item is feasible and really addresses a need in a way that different items – even comparative ones – don't. In Apps advancement there are part of issues emerges and just experienced will understand this to require some serious energy; this is a first standard for each portable application process.
2-   Rehearse Scalable Design -

Versatile outline is superb in principle, yet exceptionally troublesome practically speaking. It includes planning in a way that goes past what you are putting out at first and considers the item guide. Adaptable outline requires striking a parity that permits adaptability for future item cycles and elements, yet doesn't leave prior variants showing up as though there are holes.
Route menus are a typical element that profit by adaptable outline. In the event that a MVP will have just a couple highlights, yet there are more anticipated future discharges, tab route will probably not be the best approach and will make issues as new components are taken off. Facebook, for instance, utilizes tab route for center elements and a side menu for the rest, permitting them to add on to their menu without expansive scale re-outlines.

3-   First impression: Your Icon- Your Icon needs to go after consideration in an ocean of different icons. That being the situation, consider it more as the business card than a craftsmanship piece. Be exacting – show what your application does. Utilize a solid outline and keep content to a base. A cleaned symbol recommends a cleaned application, so it merits dedicating genuine time and cash to doing it right.

4-   Looking for various screens -

There are such a large number of sorts of cellular telephones and cell phones and each of them has distinctive screen determination. So while outlining applications a versatile application originator needs to consider this point. Here responsiveness is absolutely vital. This guarantees the cooperation between the application and the client is flawlessly adjusted. In client communication connection, another point to consider is abstaining from looking subsequent to non-looking over screens are seen as more tried and true.

5-   Bonus Tips for Mobile App Design-

An imperative thing for your own particular improvement is to break down the negative client streams. Here you need to recall that most clients search the application when they require something quick or when they are just sitting some place and don't have much to do. These clients will be immediately disappointed if the route plan is poor or hampers their skimming session somehow. So breaking down their conduct appropriately will prompt a strong establishment. Likewise it is critical to test the application appropriately. Calibrate it effectively so that the deciding result is great. Keep the substance to least and expansion the visual angle by including cleaned symbols wherever conceivable.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mobile Application Development at Affordable Cost @Appiqo Technologies

The Massive growth of Mobile App market is increasing day by day. With Mobile Apps quickly becoming a standard for companies who conduct any portion of their business online. The cost can be somewhat in mind?
Since the boom of ‘Create an App and get rich quick’ is on increasing very fast. Everyone wants to create an app in cheap prices. For years, companies have been trying to find alternative routes in app development to save cost, the range from $50k to $300k and up. To build an app well, it can take an entire team ofdesigners, developers, and specialists. Each team member takes part in making sure every aspect is designed and built correctly.
Here is how three agencies characterize their typical price range for developing an app:
“Somewhere between $100,000 and $300,000” - Applico
“Anywhere between $150,000 to $450,000”- Savvy Apps
“As little as $150,000 … as much as $500,000” -Fueled
“As best as $ 2000 as much as $10000   ” - Appiqo Technologies
In the past four years, the app market has exploded. Mobile app usage grew by 76% in 2014, and the average US consumer downloads on average 8.8 iOS and Android apps a month. Appiqo Technologies is a Best Mobile Application Development Company in Jaipur which provide a apps ataffordable cost.
There are many different kinds of apps Appiqo Technologies can develop. This goes beyond the categories that Appiqo Technologies groups the apps into – food, lifestyle, sports, etc., and into the architecture of different types of apps. 
Appiqo Technologies built the ‘Branded Business Apps’ in affordable cost Branded Business Apps touts a five-step app development process, which allows for the launch of iphone, ipad and Android apps in less than 48 hours. Created largely for service industries — restaurants, churches, health clubs and hotels, among others — functionality is limited to a basic set of almost 40 features. According to Allison Birr, marketing and sales specialist for the brand, these features cover the needs of most small to medium businesses.

The use of any of these services comes with key sets of advantages and disadvantages — with the benefit of speed comes the sacrifice of functionality, while the expansion of capabilities brings with it additional costs and added time. Therefore AppiqoTechnologies is a Top AppsDevelopment Company at affordable cost in Jaipur, India.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Needed a High quality Apps

The App marketplace turns into million dollar industry. In this competitive world Appiqo Technologies provide high Quality apps development which is very important part of the market. Apps are developed by many companies but only few provide a quality of apps in which AppiqoTechnologies is one of them.
 The time consumers spend with those apps is increasing though– up 63% over the past two years. Mobile phone and app usage is constantly increasing but that is still huge. Small businesses investing in mobile need to make sure their apps make it into the magic two-dozen or so apps that customers use regularly. Otherwise, it’s a massive waste of money and time.
AppiqoTechnologies making apps in following areas-

·       Social Media apps are only as good as the user wants them to be. They rarely provide any in-depth information, besides updates from friends.

·       Food Ordering apps are becoming more and more popular for the eater on the go. Rarely on computers anymore, users go to their phone first and these apps provide instant to multiple restaurants. More convenient and direct, an app with food ordering capability built-in would be a game-changer Appiqo app or an individual restaurant Appiqo app.

·       Informational apps are created by Appiqo Technologies which is simple, direct and to the point. Think banking or transit schedules. But provide exactly what you need to know. Small businesses can incorporate informational aspects but also include a stylistic flair not found in most apps that are similar and so on.
Build a strong app for your business that incorporates these points will transform your customer relationships and grant you staying power within the industry.
Appiqo Technologies is one of the leading Best Mobile Application Development Company inJaipur, India. Appiqo technologies make high Quality Apps which is useful for everyone and make use by everyone, working on various areas-
1-  Cross Platform and Cross device Development- When it comes to mobile platforms, Appiqo Technologies tend to default to iOS, Android, and to a much lesser extent, Windows Mobile. Even as iOS maintains its firm grip on the high-end market with no signs of letting go of their premium position, Android seeks world domination through devices available at lower price-points. 

2-  Mobile App Development for the IoT- The future of mobile appdevelopment isn’t simply about our phones anymore. Appiqo Technologies right into an era of cloud computing powering Smart-Everything and one in which our smart devices live in internet of things. Mobile app development for the Internet of things will be even bigger in the near future, even though current efforts aren’t paying off yet.

3-  Enterprise Apps- The biggest opportunities in the market to be found in the future of mobile app development will be enterprise apps rather than consumer apps. However, AppiqoTechnologies  app developers are less attracted to building enterprise apps despite the fact that it’s a lucrative market.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Virtual Reality- A new Wave in marketing

In the advanced age of technology, it feels like Virtual Reality is a whole new game. It converts imaginary experiences into real ones, and certainly ‘people always believe what they see and hear in real.’ Virtual Reality has versatility, where companies dig their hands into technology and come up with flexible, unique and affordable ways to market their products or services.
Technology is endlessly evolving, and the introduction of brand new devices sometimes acts as a touchstone to the arrival of a completely new technological paradigm. Recently, Google sought to commercialize the cutting-edge Google Glass, which together with other wearable technologies popping up all over signalled what may very well be the dawn of mainstream adoption of Augmented Reality (AR).
Limitations of Augmented Reality-
Every technology has some limitations and AR is no exception. Even though mobile devices have many uses in their present form, there are several issues that should be addressed before the technology becomes fully commercialized and goes mainstream.
First, data should be rendered across the wearer’s full scope of vision, not partially. The technology should also be equipped with a better understanding of natural body movements, ensuring that the displays get lighter and thinner. Internet connectivity is still a problem since there are so many places where no connection is available.
Naturally, another important limitation is the battery life of such a device, which should be extended to allow users make the most from the technology in daily use. The problem lies in other hardware matters too – mobile devices are not powerful enough to process heaps of real-time data. The price of such devices will also need to be lowered for mainstream use.
VR is a life-changing tech experience that users won’t forget. This year, more people will connect with virtual reality to get the immersive experience, and you will see more eyes covering with headsets of VR. With authentic and immersive experiences to reveals the uniqueness of the technology, VR is here to stay and ready to hit the normal environment into its fascinating world.
Appiqo Technologies is Continously working in this field in making Virtual reality apps to be used in present and in future. Appiqo Technologies is a Best Mobile Application Development Company in India. Appiqo Technologies is a Leading Apps Mobile Application Development Company in Jaipur.