Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Its 8 March- A Special day to celebrate for women

March 8 is a global day to celebrate the achievements of women in every field. International Women’s day is the annual theme that supports a particular cause or agenda declared by the collaboration of many organizations.

It is a call for gender parity and a day for celebration to all women in the world. International women’s day is all about equality, parity, action and unity- that think of local people. This day has been celebrating over a century, and continues to explore more and more in accordance to strength and power.
International Women’s day

Since many years we are celebrating women’s day in every developed or developing country with the same faith. Women are started gaining the priority and preferences in all aspects after this movement. The main purpose of starting this movement is to make women politically, economically, physically and mentally strong and powerful, mainly focus on generating respect and appreciation among people.

Appiqo Technologies completely support women for their courage and hard work they dedicate for their family and work place. “We salutes all women” IWD’s original Aim is to diminish the gap persist across the world between men and women. If we look now also we will find still the women’s education, health and violence is worse in many countries. International Women’s day comes in existence to limelight the issues faced by women. It is a step to force everybody to recognize inequalities- and appreciate the achievements.

How can everyone get involved?

There are various ways to take part in International Women’s day.

1. Take a pledge for root out the Inequality.

This you all can do by reaching the IWD website and help women and girls in achieving their goals; call for equality leadership and create flexible cultures.

2. Participating in many events happening around the world.

The IWD website placed all the happenings of recent events in countries and towns.

3. You have an option for organizing your own event

It’s still not too late. You can come forward and come together with more people and support women. 

In spite of all negativity, International Women's Day is a unique day committed just to ladies and their part in our lives. Culture and ethnicity has given another measurement right up 'til the present time where the custom of gifting presents to ladies is famous in a few nations. Customized blessings and welcome cards committed to Women's Day have turned out to be especially well known today. Many individuals think it is the perfect approach to express their affection and appreciation for ladies in life. However, the genuine quintessence of the day lies in distinguishing the rights and force of ladies and giving them a stature that they merit.

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