Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Virtual Reality- A new Wave in marketing

In the advanced age of technology, it feels like Virtual Reality is a whole new game. It converts imaginary experiences into real ones, and certainly ‘people always believe what they see and hear in real.’ Virtual Reality has versatility, where companies dig their hands into technology and come up with flexible, unique and affordable ways to market their products or services.
Technology is endlessly evolving, and the introduction of brand new devices sometimes acts as a touchstone to the arrival of a completely new technological paradigm. Recently, Google sought to commercialize the cutting-edge Google Glass, which together with other wearable technologies popping up all over signalled what may very well be the dawn of mainstream adoption of Augmented Reality (AR).
Limitations of Augmented Reality-
Every technology has some limitations and AR is no exception. Even though mobile devices have many uses in their present form, there are several issues that should be addressed before the technology becomes fully commercialized and goes mainstream.
First, data should be rendered across the wearer’s full scope of vision, not partially. The technology should also be equipped with a better understanding of natural body movements, ensuring that the displays get lighter and thinner. Internet connectivity is still a problem since there are so many places where no connection is available.
Naturally, another important limitation is the battery life of such a device, which should be extended to allow users make the most from the technology in daily use. The problem lies in other hardware matters too – mobile devices are not powerful enough to process heaps of real-time data. The price of such devices will also need to be lowered for mainstream use.
VR is a life-changing tech experience that users won’t forget. This year, more people will connect with virtual reality to get the immersive experience, and you will see more eyes covering with headsets of VR. With authentic and immersive experiences to reveals the uniqueness of the technology, VR is here to stay and ready to hit the normal environment into its fascinating world.
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