Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mobile Application Development at Affordable Cost @Appiqo Technologies

The Massive growth of Mobile App market is increasing day by day. With Mobile Apps quickly becoming a standard for companies who conduct any portion of their business online. The cost can be somewhat in mind?
Since the boom of ‘Create an App and get rich quick’ is on increasing very fast. Everyone wants to create an app in cheap prices. For years, companies have been trying to find alternative routes in app development to save cost, the range from $50k to $300k and up. To build an app well, it can take an entire team ofdesigners, developers, and specialists. Each team member takes part in making sure every aspect is designed and built correctly.
Here is how three agencies characterize their typical price range for developing an app:
“Somewhere between $100,000 and $300,000” - Applico
“Anywhere between $150,000 to $450,000”- Savvy Apps
“As little as $150,000 … as much as $500,000” -Fueled
“As best as $ 2000 as much as $10000   ” - Appiqo Technologies
In the past four years, the app market has exploded. Mobile app usage grew by 76% in 2014, and the average US consumer downloads on average 8.8 iOS and Android apps a month. Appiqo Technologies is a Best Mobile Application Development Company in Jaipur which provide a apps ataffordable cost.
There are many different kinds of apps Appiqo Technologies can develop. This goes beyond the categories that Appiqo Technologies groups the apps into – food, lifestyle, sports, etc., and into the architecture of different types of apps. 
Appiqo Technologies built the ‘Branded Business Apps’ in affordable cost Branded Business Apps touts a five-step app development process, which allows for the launch of iphone, ipad and Android apps in less than 48 hours. Created largely for service industries — restaurants, churches, health clubs and hotels, among others — functionality is limited to a basic set of almost 40 features. According to Allison Birr, marketing and sales specialist for the brand, these features cover the needs of most small to medium businesses.

The use of any of these services comes with key sets of advantages and disadvantages — with the benefit of speed comes the sacrifice of functionality, while the expansion of capabilities brings with it additional costs and added time. Therefore AppiqoTechnologies is a Top AppsDevelopment Company at affordable cost in Jaipur, India.

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