Monday, 27 February 2017

Google Cardboard – Amazing trips with virtual reality

Nowadays thousands of new technologies emerge in per day, which is connecting people with each other at home, office and on the way.

Technologies are providing us new things to learn and used in daily life.

In today’s general life most of the buzzword technology is virtual reality. Virtual reality you experienced on a roller coaster. 

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Google is inaugurate its own new technology i.e. Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is virtual reality platforms.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created by software and interacted with a person that belief it’s as a real environment.

Virtual reality is long promised science fiction is finally become a reality with Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard is headset provide us faraway place seems like we are physically here. It’s providing 360’ photos environment which is feel like world is surrounded by us.

Google Cardboard is supporting most of the mobile phones (android, iOS etc.). Google is used first time virtual reality techniques with HTC Vive mobile phones. Virtual reality techniques support android 7.0 and its new versions. It’s work only on highly sensor devices. 

Why Google Cardboard is best?

Google Cardboard is simple and low cost component allowing us virtual reality in a fun and affordable way.

Few days ago Facebook launched its own virtual reality headset oculus rift that is immerging you inside the virtual worlds. Oculus is high cost hardware and it’s all features are not yet ready at the time.

How to create your own virtual card board?

When you make your own virtual reality Cardboard, you required some components that is used for making virtual reality card board. 

1. CARDBOARD: - Corrugated cardboard sheet, preferably E Flute, for best results, you should look for strong, thin cardboard (shoe box rather than moving box).

2. LENSES: - This is the trickiest component. Lenses that have a 45mm focal distance might work. Biconvex lenses work best because they prevent distortion around the edges.

3. MAGNETS: - One neodymium ring magnet and one ceramic disk magnet - like this or this.

4. VELCRO: - it’s used to binding of two points.

5. RUBBER BAND: - One rubber band, to prevent the phone from sliding out.

6. NFC TAG: - its Near Field communication like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, its wireless radio.

You'll also need a ruler, glue, and scissors, an X-act knife, or access to a laser cutter.

Everyone is willing to go out for tour and visit to popular and beautiful places, make fun, enjoy weather, Feel different and alive.

Virtual reality makes people believe that they are in real world, everything around them seems real, elegant, and like it exist physically.

Google Cardboard is a device that provides the virtual real environment to users. Here at Appiqo Technologies, which is the Best App Development Company UAE provides you all new branding things to your hand. One such new technological devices which this company is planning to deal with or introduce to every layman.

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