Thursday, 23 February 2017

Smart Phones Available in Market – Use Features launched in Market

New technologies are emerged for the people who are fond of technologies and new inventions. Technology has changed the life of people completely, if we look at the back, we observe the technology prospective and the gadgets and evolution of new features implanted in coming technology. 
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Everybody in this world wants change in his life, life can’t be static or paused..Its running.. And now youngsters are running faster than technology. That’s why technology has taken advanced steps to explore more in world. Almost everyone is using mobile phones, but do all know how to use smart phones? If Yes, then amazing, but if No, then what to say to those people!

Is technology is only for cream layer of our population, why not village people are aware of it? Appiqo Technology has emerged with an idea of exploring every new technology to everybody, through marketing, set-ups in rural areas and off-course providing web and App services with reasonable price.

Here I have mentioned new emerging technology features that will be predicted to use more by coming generations:

Bluetooth 5 (Bluetooth Low Energy): Bluetooth 5 designed to be more intelligent that managing connection provide keyless Bluetooth 5 for room entry.  Bluetooth Smart already enables an ever-widening variety of wearable gadgets like health/fitness monitors and smart watches. 

If I talk about the speed than it’s two times faster compared to its previous version. Providing 200% increase broadcast accessing capacity. Range of Bluetooth 5 is four times of its previous version. Before launching the Bluetooth 5 device, it has battery drain problem.

AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality): AR is a live direct or indirect view of a physical. Pokémon Go popularity is live example to use AR and VR (virtual reality) is used in app development like shopping, travels. Virtual reality is enabled in Google cardboard that combined two pictures without fraction. These are used by the best app development team of Appiqo.

LTE (LTE Advanced/ Wideband): 4G LTE Advanced, also known as LTE Wideband, Promises to deliver data at 150-300 megabits per second (mbps), up to 20 times faster than current 4G LTE cellular connections and around six times faster than the fastest wired cable Internet service.

AI (Artificial intelligence): Artificial intelligence (AI) is now added in smart phones like- Siri, Cortana, or Assistant probably. Hundreds of linguists and software engineers dedicate countless hours to building these services into responsive personal assistants that can answer questions, track down information, send messages, launch services, and more.

Passpoint Wi-Fi: Passpoint Wi - Fi is more effective human beings when they are going to trip or boarding airport and leave home without losing your speedily Wi– Fi.

Biometric security (free for password): Fingerprint sensor provide you high security for your mobile phones, nobody use your mobile phone without your finger accessing. User can not access anybody’s mobile phones and is created free from password.

The intention of launching all above new technologies in the market is to aware people and makes them more technology friendly. It will soon come in the habit of people once they use it. New technologies are made easier for people so that they can access it with all comfort ability. Some of the companies are in market that provides the new technology features implemented in their work with time. One such a Best App Development Company UK, for helping its entire client with 100% satisfaction and best output delivery. 

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