Friday, 27 October 2017

Some Kotlin Tips for Android Development

Top most mobile app development companies used Java programming language for Android development. It is an old language and has been pretty slow to modernize. Hence Kotlin comes as a worthy alternative.  Kotlin came into existence in 2016, and its plug-in was integrated into Android Studio’s version 3.0. Kotlin was developed by JetBrains, and it runs smoothly on IntelliJ and Android Studio.
Kotlin Setup:
Firstly you need to Install Kotlin plug-in. After successfully doing so, there are two options available to convert your java to kotlin. 
1.    Create a new Android project and setup Kotlin in the project.
2.    Add Kotlin support to an existing Android project.
Some Kotlin tips for Android:
Lazy load feature:  For Android apps, Kotlin helps in reducing the reloading time, thus allowing access to the relevant content, instead of waiting for the screen to load. Lazy loading can result in faster startup time since loading is deferred to when the variable is accessed. 

New Project start: Creating a new project in Kotlin is certainly easy. You just need to simply click File and choose New Project. Then, simply give a name to this new project and choose the installed Android SDK version. 

Custom Getters and Setters: To specify custom behavior to get and set the fields Kotlin's custom getters and setters use the structure of a model. 

Converting Java code to kotlin: To convert the java code into kotlin, If you need to open the Main file. Next, select "Convert java file to Kotlin file". This can be done easily by searching for action.

Lambdas: lambdas are one of the most powerful tools in kotlin used to reduce too many coding lines in a source file, and help to focus more on programming. Retrolambda provides a way to use "lambda expressions" on Java versions below 8. Kotlin takes them a step further by ensuring you don't have to deal with Retrolambda. 

Kotlin is simply adorable for its ease of use and cleaner working platform. By being in a rundown of best app development companies - Appiqo technologies considered all the above tips as most valuable tips learned since Appiqo began creating in kotlin. If you are looking to develop an android application using kotlin visit our website and drop your requirements.

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