Saturday, 7 October 2017

What are the important Reasons behind the rejection of your mobile Application on play store and apple store?

Developing an app itself is an arduous task, and then there is this review process from which your app has to go through and get approved.  Review process is designed to keep the app ecosystem healthy and to protect users from low-quality or hostile app. Each App store has its own rules, requirements, and guideline to allow developers to submit apps. If an app doesn't fulfill the requirements of the app store then the app could get rejected by the app store.
Well, there is a fix for everything. After discussing with the expertise of Best Mobile app development company Appiqo Technologies here I am summarizing the potential reasons why an app can get rejected by the App Store and Play Store:
  • Broken Links: All links in your app must be functional. A link to user support with up-to-date contact information is required for all apps, and if you're offering auto-renewable or free subscriptions or your app is in the Kids Category, you must also provide a link to your privacy policy.
  • Bugs and crashes: Nothing is more frustrating to the user than crashing apps. If your app contains any kind of bugs or crashes during the review, the App Store will get it rejected immediately.
  • Uses of copyright images and content: Both Apple and Google have very strict guidelines against copyright infringement; be it in concept, design or code. Instead of creating a cheap imitation of a best seller, try to come up with an original concept.
  • Misleading Meta Data: Metadata includes the name of the app, its description, ranking, reviews and ratings. While writing the metadata for your app, you must be very specific and accurate, especially when it comes to app description.  
  • In accurate description: Your app description and screenshots should clearly and accurately convey your app's functionality. This helps users understand your app and makes for a positive App Store experience.
  • No Beta version allow for App Store: Google has made it a standard industry practice to launch services into indefinite “beta,” but Apple can be quite strict about any indication that an app is unfinished or not yet ready for prime time.
Reliable statistics aren't really available for the ratio of app approval and rejection on app store. Top most mobile app development companies have the expertise in their team, who are well aware about the guidelines and conditions of play store and app store. And if you are following the guidelines, you generally have very little to worry about. Apps get rejected for minor technical issues, are fixed, resubmitted and accepted. Or they get rejected due to a misunderstanding during the review, and get accepted after appealing the decision.
Now that you’re aware of some of most common pitfalls, you’re that much more likely to be one of the few, proud developers that gets in with their first submission. 

If you have any plans for developing any kind of mobile applications, I must suggest going with Appiqo Technologies as they have successfully submitted many applications on play store and App store which are running successfully and hitting the millions downloads.  

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