Thursday, 13 July 2017

Demands of mobile applications for startups

In the era of technology, multiple organizations are trying their hand into various technologies and out of which mobile app technologies are at boom due to vast number of audiences. At Appiqo Technologies, we are providing solution for mobile app development on various technologies such as android, IOS, hybrid mobile apps etc. The company’s primary goal is to develop user friendly, reliable and entertaining applications. There is a huge demand of mobile app development by the startups, as these are expensive and almost used by all the type of users. By far at appiqo technologies, we have developed 24 best mobile apps and those applications are categorized as:-
  1. Utility applications 
  2. Entertainment 
  3. Gaming 
  4. News 
  5. Productivity 
  6. Lifestyle 
  7. Social networking 
Further bifurcations of mobile applications are as follows:-
  1. Utility apps- In simple words, these applications provide real time utilities to the users. The goal is to develop type of application which will allow its users to connect with the mobile interface and solve their real time problems. Below mentioned are some of the examples of the best utility apps developed by the organization are as follows:-
  1. Classified applications 
  2. Climate applications 
  3. Travel application 
  4. Live streaming application etc. 

  1. Entertainment application- At appiqo technologies, we are endeavor of developing various entertainment applications, the goal of the organization here Is to develop such applications which will entertain the users along with educating them. Some examples of entertainment application are as follows:-
    1. Face juggler
    2. Ice effex
    3. Duolingo
    4. Dubsmash etc. 
Currently, we are expanding our market in UAE and we are adored and appreciated by the users. We appreciate their support as their support is our way to excellence 
  1. Games application- As clear from the name, such applications are designed to facilitate its users to enjoy the gaming activities, some of the best gaming application developed are as follows:-
    1. Cut the rope2
    2. Plants v/s zoombies 
    3. Defence zone2
    4. Angry birds2 etc. 
There are multiple other gaming applications which will be developed by us. Our way to excellence is in process
  1. News applications- As everybody knows, NEWS stands for north-east-west and south, at appiqo we are successful at developing application which will bring news from all the directions and this will surely allow users to interact with the system and fetch news update. some of the best examples of gaming application developed by us are as follows:-
  1. The NYT application 
  2. Buzzfeed
  3. Flipboard etc. 
The goal is to develop such application is to create awareness among the users and educate them via application.
  1. Productivity application- Such applications are developed to increase the productivity of the system. Some of the example of productivity application are as follows:-
  1. Finance apps 
  2. Calendars 
  3. Translators 
  4. Grocery list makers etc. 
Such apps are designed to increase the productivity and user experience !
  1. Lifestyle apps:- Such applications are designed to provide the lifestyle related solution to the users. Such applications will enhance the user lifestyle and make their life easier by establishing interaction with the system. Some of the examples of innovative lifestyle application are as follows:-
  1. Fitness apps 
  2. Travel apps 
  3. Food and drink apps 
  4. Dating apps 
  5. Music apps, for example spotify and apple store. 

  1. Social networking apps- As the name suggests, such applications establish a mode of communication between multiple users, i.e. via such application users will be able to share their thoughts, can interact via chat, post pictures, browse feeds/update of other users etc. In this era, social networking facilities are highly required by the users to interact with the world.  Such social networking applications could be anything, for example- FitBit is a fitness app with in app functionality of adding friends, engaging in competition with and against them etc., here we can call this app as an example of entertainment plus social networking app. Some examples of such apps are as follows:- 
  1. Facebook 
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter etc.