Friday, 21 July 2017

Why is Testing important before launching any Mobile Application?

Mobile devices and smart technologies are the trends nowadays, and soon will become more popular. There is much business which is emerged based on a mobile application.  We can have the example of Flipkart, Amazon, WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Uber etc. 

What if Application is not working smoothly? What if any of one functionality is not working fine? Will user still use that application? The user will only uninstall the application or switch to another one as there are many options available. 

Before running a business everyone’s goal is to provide the best service to their customers and if your business is based on the mobile application then must be most of the customer’s coming from there only.  And in this case, Needless to say, making sure your app is working correctly is essential. 
Around most of the poor reviews on play store or App store is about App crash, poor performance etc.  So application should be user-friendly and how to find out that your mobile application is user-friendly? 
Testing is the answer to this question. Mobile application testing ensures that Application is working smoothly, does not have any error, and meeting user’s requirements. 

One of the best mobile app testing approach is to involve people who can give your app revolutionary opinions for achieving a better performance. 

Best Mobile App development companies build some strategic planning of developing the mobile application testing before the launch of their application. 
To stay competitive you need to test mobile application and make sure that the functionalities are working smoothly. There are various areas that should be tested, and different features under every category as well like, application installation, start and stop, user interface, notification, all functionalities, performance, update etc. 

Mobile app development companies dedicate a concerned person for testing purpose only who test the application technically and from user end also. 

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