Friday, 14 July 2017

Why Chat App Should Be Secure?

Chatting is the way used by the majority of individuals of the present time for communication whether it is personal or formal communication. 
But are you sure the platform you are using for chatting is secure? 
If you are chatting with a person you would want to share things with that person only but what if the person is sharing your messages with other by copying messages, taking the screenshot and so forth.
Let me introduce you to a secure application ‘My Secrets’ that can be used for a secret and secure communication. 
But Why Chat App Should be Secure? Let’s talk about it.
If we go and analyze we will found out that there millions of text messages being conveyed every day and realized that our privacy was indeed being invaded. And in today’s world companies and people are ready to do almost everything to get personal information. Thankfully there are secure chat applications focusing on privacy through end – to end encryption and another secure way. 
Along with today’s era’s personal communication, there are some industry and sectors that need secure communication. None of the company or nobody wants their personal or their client’s sensitive information to leak out. Finance, banking this kind of industry share confidential information that must need to be secure and encrypted. Health care is another industry which cannot take risk of sharing their patient’s personal and medical information with anyone. 
These are the good enough reason to suggest secure chatting application and ‘My Secrets’ is most secure chat application available on play store where 
-User cannot copy messages
-User cannot take a screenshot of the chat screen
-It does not maintain any chat history on phone or server. 
Along with secret messaging, My Secrets application allows sharing photos, audio, location, contact, documents, emoji’s, stickers, and camera for instant capture.   

So go to the google play store, Download My Secrets ( )  and start secret and secure messaging.