Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Common Mistakes in Client Communication: How to Not Frustrate Your Client

When a client starts a project with you, we need to understand that this project is important to the client and they deeply care about it. Communication is the key that can help you build long-term and smooth relation with client. I believe there are few things that must be avoided maintaining a healthy and productive relationship with clients. 

Slow Communication:
There are no rules across business relationship regarding response time to an email, phone call etc. but not responding to the client in a timely manner may create the confusion, frustration, and annoyance. Some clients need a response at the end of every business day and some need within 2-3 days. Not responding client on time may irritate them and make them ask you a question what they are paying you for? 
To avoid this annoyance you need to response client on time. You can set up a response time, both the parties feel fair, and also you can decide a time frame in which you can respond to all the emails and phone calls that need response. Let your client know about your unavailability or appoint a backup responder to reply all-important email, phone calls etc. 

Involve clients in to process:
 Many app and web development agencies leave the clients out in the cold. Most of the client prefers to be involved in the whole process of project development. Until and unless your client does not hand-off the project to you, involve them into the business process altogether related to their project. 
Your client is your greatest collaborator. It’s always better to sacrifice some of your time than to diminish trust and damage the overall client-agency relationship. 

Let the client speak:
Acting like you everything when you don’t make client irritated and annoy them. Let the client openly express their ideas and thoughts. If they come to you with an issue, don’t downplay it. Make them feel heard and understood. After all, good communication is just as much about listening as it is speaking.

You are missing deadlines
Meeting a deadline likely means a lot more to the client than it means to you as the agency, because for the client, it’s an entire calendar full of set launch dates, promotions, additional marketing activities, etc. So instead of thinking what is right in front of you look into every step of your process. By looking ahead and with proper planning you can limit the chances of missing deadlines. 

From a sales team to project manager, developers and tester always provide the smooth transition. There should also be a backup point of contact for when the primary contact person is unavailable.
Collaborating with clients can be a different task when you have many clients demanding different projects from your agency team on different timelines. Appiqo technologies is one of the topmost app development company who dedicates a separate team for their clients and provides proper communication. If you also find that you are leading miscommunication to follow above tips and you will be ending building fruitful relationship with your clients.