Saturday, 4 November 2017

Top 5 challenges during App Development

Mobile App development is much more popular but mobile developers face many challenges during the development process. There are many app development companies who can help in developing mobile applications
Some key App development challenges faced by Android developers are listed below:
1.    User Interface Issue:  Just over a decade ago, creating user interfaces (UIs) was a simple task, then user expectations have risen to sky high and developers started facing issues to fulfill that expectation. There are surprisingly many options for UI layers these days. So developers and designers must be sure that that is building the application with responsive layout. 

2.    Software fragment Issue: There are several versions available for Android OS which developer hard find when it comes to App development.  Timely upgrades are available on Android OS and Android developers cannot focus on latest OS version as it not sure that everyone has updated their Android OS.  It is inconvenient for many users to upgrade their operating systems because manufacturers play a vital role in device configuration. 

3.    Security Issue: Authentication is the most venerable place in-app because of the need to provide user credentials such as login and password. Android development does not have strict guidelines, unlike apple. So as a result mobile devices are getting affected by malware. This gives rise to tremendous amounts of security issues. And it is the biggest challenge faced by developers. 

4.    Patent Issue:  Android is an open source so there is the possibility of being many similar mobile applications. User interface and scenario must have been different but there is a possibility of having the same concept. The recent lawsuits indicate that several Android features may be declared a violation of patent issues. This can be the most challenging for app developers and App development companies

5.    Android Market search engine:  There is millions of app available in the android marketplace and almost every kind of app is available. In such case having a different idea or presenting and getting visible already existing kind of app among all is the difficult and challenging task. You need to pay attention to its promotions and marketing strategies, because even after developing the best application
if you don’t pay attention to marketing you may lose out on gaining any traction.

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