Monday, 20 November 2017

React Native Apps or Native Apps

Rapid digitalization and rising use of mobile devices are the root cause of new technologies are being invented and Topmost app development companies are coming up with new ideas to stand up into the competitive market by delivering according to customers need and expectations. 
React Native and Native are two such technologies that are suited for App development for Android and iOS. Native applications are specific for a particular platform and can be used for only that.  React native is an open source platform that uses the concept of web development in mobile development domain. 

 A native application is developed in Android Studio with Java and Kotlin as the languages. For iOS, the IDE is Xcode and the language can be both Objective-C and Swift.
API Access: Native platform gives support to all of the APIs and the functionality that the platform offers. All the APIs can be accessed easily. 
Third party libraries: In native app development there is a lot of third libraries to choose from. These available resources help to improve user experience and the app itself. 
Native= more responsive: Responsive is the most important thing most designers and developers crave for. Native application’s every screen is separately designed. 
Strict language: All the native languages for Android and iOS development are strict but easier to detect hidden errors. Sticking to native app development is the safest option for long-term aspect. 
The only con of using native development is that you need to write totally different code for all the platforms, no code can be shared between them. And that makes it expensive and time taking than react native. 

React Native Development: 
One code base: There is no need to write two different code for Android and iOS development in react native, the same code can be used for both platform since there is also no need to learning two different languages and platforms. 
Time: From start to having the application in the market takes less time than developing natively and the reason of this that you only need to develop one application than two. 
Open source: React native is open source that is helpful to increase the understanding of the framework. 

Cons of react native development: 
Does not support all APIs: React native doesn’t support all the APIs, and when there is need to access any API, that can be done by using native modules. 
Interaction with other native apps: Accessing other native apps such as the camera is a difficult task for react native, that can be done using a native module or with the help of any third party library.

 When you have tight budget and timeline, react native has its own advantage. If your developers have experience in web development react native is a good choice. When you are planning a new innovation and see long-term aspects, you can’t take any kind of cons to come in between, you need to build it from scratch so you need it to be native development. 

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