Thursday, 3 March 2016

Every Entrepreneur should follow in a start-up

Everybody Dreams of being an Entrepreneur, owning a Successful business. For every start-up, money is the life blood and at some or the other point you need to infuse certain amount into your business to grow it. Whether you are seeking few lakhs from your friends/relative or huge lump sum amount through any venture capital firm, you need to do your homework very well before approaching them. AppiqoTechnologies is a Leading Mobile Application Development company inIndia.
1-  Be Open to change- As we talk to any start-up be open to change, Every Entrepreneur Should be open to change from other experienced ideas. There really is no such thing as too much communication. In a start-up, the atmosphere is perfect for communicating because startups and their employees are typically a small, tight-knit group who are all invested in how the company is succeeding… or not. In a group that is small and works closely together, communication is also most important to talk with everyone in a team. Be ready for changes in an office, in a team, even for challenges.

2-  Use Technology to your Advantage- Cloud computing is one aspect of technology that you can use to keep your start-up agile in the long run. The cloud offers affordable options and gives companies a reach that they wouldn’t have been able to achieve without its boost. Since many startups don’t hold employees to traditional working hours, the cloud is an excellent way for employees to stay in touch and communicate when they aren’t in the office. In addition, combining big data with the cloud allows businesses to have storage within the cloud and employ CRM software and Cloud on any device, anywhere.

3-  Leave Investment for Later- Looking for money at an early stage in your Company life is a really not good idea for entrepreneur. You should only look for outside investments once you’ve proven the concept of your start-up.

4-  Motivate a Team - Team plays a very important role in building or growing any venture. Without team, you will be like a ship without the rudder. So, every entrepreneur needs to build a strong team by putting them together and by filling all the gaps between them. A strong team is the key driving force in seeking funds from the investors. You should motivate your team with a period of time, and organise some Competition between Two Teams.

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