Monday, 7 March 2016

Windows Mobile App Development Would Overtake other Platforms

The Windows Mobile App Development team had been working on creating a new operating system for all the new models of cell phones. It has been made sure by the development team that the system looks very similar to the windows on computers.
Bigger reach: Obviously offering a cross platform app means you get inroads into all major apps stores and the worldwide user base to address your app.

Increased dynamics of marketing: Huge number of options in respect of both marketing avenues and user preferences offers wider scopes of marketing. In targeting millions of users in both iOS and Android you can diversify your promotion and marketing. Something may work for iOS, while a different strategy makes your app find success in Android.

Positive impact on your revenue: While making an app for diverse platforms you actually have a better chance of finding buyers at the same cost of a single platform app. Moreover, if the app becomes popular in one platform, soon the impact is transmitted into others.

Future of cross platform-
Unquestionably cross platform is going to be more robust in the time to come. But there are few drawbacks that need to be addressed to make the strategy offer more fluid, seamless and device-optimized experience. It has been seen a single platform app offer utilizes the device features in a more exhaustive manner that one-for-all apps. Secondly, less scope of introducing customized features is a serious drawback to cross platform apps. Often cross platform apps are felt bland and depreciated than dedicated single platform apps, because in trying to provide feature set for all platforms it often compromises on device specific brilliance.
Apps have access to all platform specific features and are distributed through the vendor app stores. On the other end of the spectrum is mobile web apps. Mobile Apps have gained a lot of popularity recently. By using mobile apps, users can get access to company services very easily with the help of smartphones. With number of smartphones on a rise, businesses have shifted to mobile platform to reach out to their potential customers.
The Windows-based apps helps in targeting users in a controlled environment, a rich UI. If you are developing an application for users who spend significant amounts of their time using the app a windows-app is a good choice – particularly if you base it on responsive UI, keyboard shortcuts, etc. over a period of time, software evolves.  When Microsoft announced its C# language in 1999 and couple of years later, .NET was introduced. After 12 years, here we are. .NET and C# is still here. It may have evolved a lot since then. Some noticeable trends are the disappearance of VB.NET, Windows Forms and Silverlight and the appearance of HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and Windows Store Apps.

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